Transform Your Workspace with the DlandHome Adjustable Rolling Standing Desk



Tired of being confined to your chair all day? Craving more movement and flexibility in your workspace? The revolutionary DlandHome Adjustable Rolling Standing Desk allows you to easily convert any area into a dynamic stand-up workstation. With a range of adjustable heights, smooth mobility, and a durable build, this desk empowers you to achieve healthier computing habits.

Adjustable Height for Ergonomic Comfort

The telescoping legs of the DlandHome Standing Desk allow you to find your perfect working height, promoting proper posture and reducing strain. The desk height adjusts from 26.4-45.3 inches (67-115cm), accommodating the needs of different users. Tall or short, now you can personalize your setup based on ergonomics, not limitation.

Raising the desk is easy – simply squeeze the lever handle on the side of the frame while lifting or lowering the desktop. The pneumatic gas lift smoothly elevates the surface, then locks securely in place when you release the lever. Set it at standing height for active computing or lower it for sitting breaks.

Maneuver Smoothly with Rolling Mobility

The DlandHome Standing Desk isn’t confined to one spot. Rollerblade-style casters allow you to gracefully mobilize your workspace around the home office, dorm room, or workspace. Glide effortlessly over tile, wood floors, and carpeting without having to lift the desk.

When you’ve reached your desired position, step on the wheel locks to firmly stabilize the desk. The rolling desk becomes a steady, wobble-free work platform. Yet when it’s time to relocate, you can release the locks and transport your gear with ease.

Spacious 31.5 x 11.8-23.6 inch Desktop

Spread out and conquer your to-do list on the sizable desktop. The main workspace measures 31.5L x 11.8-23.6W inches (80 x 30-60 cm), providing ample room for devices, books, supplies, snacks, and more. The high-gloss finish resists scratches and spills, keeping the surface looking pristine.

The integrated shelf below holds your CPU, hard drive, or other accessories to keep them off your legs yet still within arm’s reach. This open architecture promotes airflow around your electronics to prevent overheating.

Durable Materials Support up to 88 Pounds

Built from quality materials like powder coated steel and particle board, the DlandHome Rolling Standing Desk supports up to 88 pounds (40kg) of equipment. The sturdy metal frame and crossbar ensure stability when fully loaded. The density of the desktop minimizes bounce and flexing during use.

Weighing just 15 pounds itself, the desk frame has been engineered for smooth height adjustments. The pneumatic lift system provides reliable performance through years of regular use. Welded joints and quality fasteners deliver wobble-free stability. This standing desk is backed by a 1 year warranty.

Stand Up for Your Health

Prolonged sitting has been linked to increased risk of obesity, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, and other health problems. With the DlandHome adjustable standing desk, you can take charge of your wellness by incorporating more standing and movement into your day.

Transitioning between sitting and standing not only burns more calories, but also engages more muscles to improve posture, flexibility, balance, and circulation. Standing desk users report boosted energy, productivity, and comfort. Upgrade your home office or workspace with this essential tool for active computing.

Versatile Uses Beyond the Home Office

The flexible DlandHome Rolling Standing Desk adapts to a wide range of uses beyond a traditional desk:

Trade show display table
Portable bar/buffet station
Standing worktable for arts, crafts, puzzles, models
Game table for board games or cards
Standing computer station for the kitchen, garage, shop, etc.
Laptop desk for small business presentations, parties, events
Console gaming standing desk
Garden work table or potting station
Children’s homework/learning/activity stand-up desk
The possibilities are endless! Whatever your needs, this sturdy rolling desk provides the ideal height-adjustable solution.

Elevate Your Workspace Today

Stop slouching and start standing with the DlandHome Adjustable Rolling Standing Desk! Experience healthier, more focused computing by taking charge of your posture. Customize the desktop height to match your physique and enjoy smooth maneuverability.

The spacious surface offers plenty of space for devices and supplies. Made from quality materials like particle board and powder coated steel, this standing desk solution provides a sturdy yet mobile work platform.

Bring movement and flexibility into your home office or workspace. Your body and mind will thank you!


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