Transform Your Mattress into a Luxurious Cloud of Comfort with DMI’s Hospital-Grade Egg Crate Foam Mattress Topper



Tired of tossing and turning all night on an uncomfortable mattress? Upgrade your sleep experience with DMI’s luxuriously plush egg crate foam mattress topper. This 4-inch thick mattress pad is sculpted from the highest quality foam to cradle your body in cloud-like comfort and provide therapeutic support right where you need it most.

The ingenious egg crate design gives this mattress topper an edge over flat foam pads. The peaks and valleys contour perfectly to your body’s natural curves, allowing greater airflow and eliminating painful pressure points. The gently raised foam walls also help prop you up into better spinal alignment, while the channels between let hot air circulate out so you sleep cooler.

Get ready to say goodbye to sore shoulders, aching hips, and morning back pain. DMI’s egg crate foam conforms to your shape for customized comfort and support. The textured surface helps distribute your body weight evenly so no area feels too much pressure. The open structure even allows the mattress underneath to breathe, preventing heat and moisture buildup.

While most mattress toppers are made of cheap polyurethane foam that flattens out fast, this topper is sculpted from dense luxury foam for lasting resilience and support. The 4-inch thickness adds a plush layer of cushioning to soften up any worn out mattress.

Hospital-grade foam is specially formulated to prevent painful pressure points and improve circulation. The breathable open cell structure allows air to flow freely to regulate temperature and moisture, ideal for hot sleepers. The firm yet gentle support also helps improve posture alignment. No wonder it’s trusted by hospitals to aid recovery and prevent painful bedsores.

Give your tired old mattress a second life and get the revitalizing sleep you deserve. DMI’s egg crate foam mattress topper comes in a convenient 72 x 33 inch size that’s perfect for outfitting hospital beds. The lightweight foam is also easy to roll and transport for travel or temporary accommodations.

Experience a new level of cushioning comfort and all-night support on any mattress:

Sculpted egg crate design provides customized contouring and soothing pressure relief
Breathable open cell foam improves airflow and cooling
Dense luxury foam is more resilient than cheaper polyurethane toppers
Hypoallergenic and antimicrobial for a healthier night’s rest
4-inch thickness adds plush cushioning and support
Fits and revitalizes hospital beds up to 33 x 72 inches
Lightweight foam is easy to roll up and transport
Refresh your mattress affordably and rest easy with DMI’s therapeutic egg crate foam topper. Your aching body will thank you the moment you lie down!


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