Transform Any Setting into an Elegant Affair with Bolsius Ivory Candlesticks (Set of 50)



Illuminate your home in style with this bulk pack of 50 ivory candlesticks from Bolsius. Perfect for creating an elegant ambiance for dinner parties, holiday gatherings, and any special occasion. These high-quality candles have a classic straight-sided design and creamy ivory color that complements any decor.

Longer Burn Time for All Night Use

Don’t let the party end early because you ran out of candles. Each candle is constructed from premium wax with a 100% cotton wick to ensure an impressive 12+ hour burn time. The 1-inch diameter and 11.5-inch height contain more wax than a tapered candle, supporting a consistent flame from start to finish. No need to refill candlesticks halfway through your event. Bolsius ivory candles will last all evening long.

Drip-Free, Smokeless Performance

Avoid messy drips ruining your beautiful tablecloths and surfaces. Bolsius candles are specially engineered to melt wax evenly without spillage. The cotton wick minimizes smoke output for clean, even burning from the first light to the last. No more babysitting candles to scrape off melted wax before it stains. The dripless design allows you to simply enjoy the tranquil glow.

Versatile for Any Occasion

Keep this bulk pack of ivory candles on hand for spur of the moment gatherings and holiday decorating. The classic ivory color and slim straight-sided style work for formal or casual affairs. Use them in candelabras for elegance, in the dining room for ambiance, or throughout the home to set a warm, welcoming mood. Perfect for dinner parties, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas celebrations and more.

Premium European Quality

Bolsius candles are crafted in Europe from high-grade wax to rigid quality standards. The precise 1-inch diameter and flawless ivory color ensure a consistent, upscale look as candles burn down. Cotton wicks are centered to burn evenly. Experience impeccable performance and Old World charm from candles made with care by Bolsius master crafters.

Illuminate with a Soothing Glow

The creamy ivory hue gives off a natural, peaceful glow perfect for relaxing evenings at home. During hectic holiday seasons, bring tranquil charm to your decor. The understated ivory candles look beautiful alongside festive accents and holiday greenery. Let these candles infuse any room with their warm, welcoming radiance.

Unscented For Sensitive Noses

Enjoy ambient lighting without overwhelming fragrance. Bolsius ivory candles are unscented, making them ideal for sensitive noses or for use in open concept spaces where you don’t want scent competing. The clean burning candles let you layer fragrance with florals, simmer pots, or essential oils instead.

Longer, Cleaner Burning Than Taper Candles

Avoid the hassle of tapper candles that drip, smoke, and burn out quickly. The 1-inch diameter by 11.5-inch Bolsius ivory candles contain more wax in a straight-sided column than a tapered candle. This allows them to burn longer, cleaner, and brighter. No more chasing tapers around to catch drips.

Convenient Bulk Pack of 50 Candles

Stock up on candle supplies for the holidays and beyond with this bulk pack of 50 ivory candlesticks. Having extras on hand means you’ll never be left in the dark when the power goes out or you need to add ambiance. Bolsius candles come boxed for easy storage between uses. Buy in bulk and save versus purchasing candles individually.

Ivory Candles Elevate Any Decor

Make ordinary evenings feel extraordinary with these ivory candlesticks. Use them to infuse casual family dinners with a touch of elegance. Group them down the center of your holiday table for timeless style that complements any color scheme. Keep some on your fireplace mantle or clustered on side tables to instantly class up a room.

Easy Care Between Burns

Keep your ivory candles looking like new by storing them upright in a cool area between burns. Trim wicks to 1⁄4 inch before each use for the most even burn. Consider using a candle snuffer to gently extinguish flames instead of blowing them out. Follow these tips and your Bolsius candles will provide ambiance evening after evening.

Elevate your next dinner party, holiday gathering, or peaceful evening at home with this set of 50 ivory candlesticks from Bolsius. The European crafted candles offer impressive 12+ hour burn times, drip-free performance, and classic style to complement any decor. Order this bulk pack today to infuse your home with inviting candlelight for any occasion.


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