The Smart Adjustable Side Table for All Your Needs



Tired of compromise when it comes to finding the perfect side table? Search no more with the versatile new Amarian C-Shaped Side Table from COZYMATIC. This cleverly designed table seamlessly transitions to meet your needs, whether you want a sofa side table, laptop workstation, TV tray, or bedside table. The solid walnut tabletop and sturdy metal base provide a premium look and feel to complement any room decor. Read on to discover why this adjustable side table could be the smartest and most functional addition to your home.

Sleek Sophisticated Style for Any Space

The beautiful walnut tabletop gives this adjustable side table a warm, inviting look reminiscent of natural wood furniture. Walnut’s rich chocolate brown coloring pairs nicely with both light and dark room palettes and various furniture styles from modern to traditional. The smooth tabletop surface highlights the distinctive wood grain for added visual interest.

Below, the slim C-shaped metal frame finished in matte black has a minimalist aesthetic to keep the focus on the gorgeous walnut top. Together, the colors and materials work in stylish harmony. Place this table beside your sofa, next to your bed, or anywhere else you need a touch of simple elegance. The thin base is designed to easily slide and fit into tight spaces without visually overcrowding the area.

Unsurpassed Versatility with a Rotating Tabletop

By far, the Amarian’s most useful feature is its rotating tabletop. The tabletop effortlessly spins a full 360 degrees to provide the ideal angle no matter how you use it. Turn the surface horizontally to create an instant laptop desk or writing station. Keep snacks and drinks within easy reach by angling the tabletop toward your sofa or armchair. Rotate the top toward your bed to hold books, tablets, or phones for comfy reading and browsing. The possibilities are practically endless!

Adjustable Height for Ergonomic Comfort

Finding a table at the perfect height for you shouldn’t require a custom order. The Amarian Side Table features a telescoping base that lets you adjust the height from 17 to 34 inches in seconds without tools.

Raise the table to the proper level for using your laptop or eating a meal while sitting on the sofa. Or lower it down within arm’s reach of the bed for effortless nightstand usage. Having this range of height adjustments ensures excellent ergonomics and accessibility for all users.

Spacious Desktop with Generous Weight Capacity

Don’t let the table’s compact size fool you – the Amarian provides ample 19 x 11 inch surface area to handle anything you need. The smooth walnut top is spacious enough for large laptops up to 17 inches. You’ll also have room left over for notebooks, textbooks, magazines, food and drink, remotes, and more. No need for TV trays or makeshift stands to hold your stuff.

The sturdy metal frame and supports enable the table to safely hold up to 7kg (15 lbs) of weight. It stays steady under the demands of daily use. Set your large laptop, piles of books, office supplies, or sizable household items on the Amarian without worry.

Easy Assembly Right Out of the Box

This convenient side table ships unassembled in one compact, lightweight box – no cumbersome flat pack furniture pieces to put together. Using the included tools and easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll have the Amarian Side Table built in under 10 minutes. All hardware and tools for assembly are included, so you can start enjoying this versatile table’s benefits immediately.

Invest in Furniture That Evolves With You

With its rotating top, adjustable height, and sleek style, the COZYMATIC Amarian C-Shaped Side Table provides incredible value for your home. No matter how your needs change over time, this adaptable table can keep up. Let the Amarian Side Table eliminate furniture frustrations and give you flexibility, convenience, and elegance all in one compact unit.


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