Stop Bed Shaking and Protect Your Walls with Cosbur’s Adjustable Threaded Headboard Stoppers



Tired of being jolted awake by a creaking, shaking bed frame that slamms against the wall everytime you move? Those annoying bumps and knocks that keep you from getting a good night’s rest will be a thing of the past with Cosbur’s adjustable threaded headboard stoppers. Designed to keep any bed frame sturdy, stable and silent, these innovative bed frame anti-shake tools allow you to finally get the peaceful, high-quality sleep you deserve.

Crafted with a sturdy metal base and soft plastic cushion, each bed frame stabilizer securely grips your headboard while providing a gentle bumper between the bed and wall. No more loose, squeaky headboards or damages to your walls – just simple, effective protection all night long.

Key Features:

  • Set of 4 adjustable stoppers keeps bed and headboard firmly in place
  • Threaded base twists to customize fit from 1.8″ to 2.5″ thick
  • Soft EVA pad protects walls from knocks, scratches and bumps
  • Sturdy metal and plastic construction for durability
  • Includes re-usable adhesive pads for added stability

Whether your bed frame shakes from tossing and turning or passionate late-night activities, Cosbur’s headboard stoppers offer a simple and discreet solution. The threaded base twists to provide a customizable fit, adapting to headboards between 1.8 to 2.5 inches thick. Once adjusted, simply use the included adhesive pads to attach the stabilizers to each corner of the headboard. Give them a twist until the soft EVA pad gently meets the wall for optimal protection.

The result? No more creaks, squeaks or bangs as your headboard remains firmly locked in place all night. Say goodbye to those unpleasant midnight wake-up calls! Protect your walls from dents, paint chips and other damages too. The EVA pads cushion any potential knocks, keeping surfaces smooth and flawless.

Universal Solution for Bedrooms, Guest Rooms and More

Though specially designed for beds, the innovative Cosbur headboard stoppers also work wonders on stabilizing sofas, bookcases, curio cabinets, display shelves and more. Any furniture that shakes easily and bumps against walls will benefit. The EVA pads stick to the furniture, while the threaded base twists to meet the wall at just the right pressure.

Create peaceful, stable spaces anywhere rattling furniture causes annoyance and damage. Use in the bedroom, guest room, nursery, office – the possibilities are endless! Protect antiques, collectibles and more from the damaging effects of unstable furnishings knocking against them.

High Quality Materials for Lasting Performance

Constructed from solid metal and plastic, these headboard bumpers are built to last. The sturdy threaded base maintains its holding power, keeping your headboard or furniture firmly stabilized year after year. No flimsy plastic or cheap lightweight metals here! Designed for daily use and abuse, Cosbur’s innovative bed stoppers will maintain their shape and grip through everyday use and activities.

The EVA foam pads provide lasting cushioning too. This dense, durable material doesn’t easily compress or lose its shape. Though soft, the EVA foam holds firm against your wall for optimal sound dampening and protection.

You’ll enjoy the peace and security of stable, silent furnishings without constant loosening and readjusting. Just an occasional twist to maintain the right pressure against the wall for flawless long-term performance.

Simple DIY Installation in Minutes

Get your bedroom, headboard and walls stabilized in no time! Cosbur’s bed frame anti-shake tools require no special hardware or tools.

To install:

  1. Clean furniture and wall surfaces where stoppers will be attached
  2. Twist the threaded metal base to fit thickness of your headboard
  3. Stick adhesive pad to each threaded base, then attach to corners of headboard
  4. Twist stoppers until EVA pads make firm, but gentle contact with wall surface

In just a few quick minutes, you’ll have personalized stabilization right where you need it most! Adjust in seconds to fine-tune the pressure against the wall. Simple, effective and discreet.

Experience the blissful peace of furniture that stays firmly planted in place. No more squeaks, shakes or damaging wall impacts. Protect your headboards, antique furnishings and more while silencing annoying rattles. Crafted from quality materials for lasting performance, Cosbur’s innovative threaded headboard stoppers are the simple solution you need for noise-free, wall-safe furniture security all night long!


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