Siveit 160 Capacity CD/DVD Case Holder – The Ultimate Organizer for Your Precious Media Collection



Do you have a treasured collection of CDs, DVDs, audio books, or computer games that are gathering dust on a shelf or scattered in boxes? Are you looking for a better way to store and organize your irreplaceable media library? Look no further than the Siveit 160 Capacity CD/DVD Case Holder!

This brilliantly designed case holder is the perfect solution for keeping your beloved CDs, DVDs, and other discs organized, protected, and easy to access. With space for up to 160 discs, it has ample room for even the most extensive collections.

Durable and Long Lasting Construction

Constructed from high quality nylon and fiber exterior materials, the Siveit case holder is built to last. The rugged materials are moisture and tear resistant, ensuring your case will survive years of regular use without wear and tear. A sturdy zipper allows the case to be fully closed, keeping your discs safe from dust.

Customers consistently praise the durability of these cases, with many owners reporting they’ve used the same case for 5+ years without any problems. When you invest in a Siveit holder, you can rest assured your discs will stay protected.

Convenient, Portable Design

Measuring approximately 9.5 x 7.5 inches, the Siveit holder features a compact, portable design you can take anywhere. The lightweight case easily fits into a backpack, purse, suitcase, or car for ultimate portability.

The included hand strap makes grabbing and going a breeze. Simply slip two fingers through the strap whenever you need to head out the door with your collection in tow.

Whether you’re traveling on vacation, heading to a friend’s place for movie night, or want quick access to your favorite driving music in the car, this case holder makes transport stress-free.

Perfect for Home Use

While it excels at portability, the Siveit holder is also ideal for home use. Its modest size and slim profile allow it to sit neatly on a shelf, media console, desk, or nightstand without hogging space.

Inside your home, the case provides quick access to the discs you use most often for convenience that can’t be beat. No more digging through a pile of loose discs trying to find the one you want!

With the Siveit holder, all your discs are organized, properly stored, and close at hand whenever you’re looking for a specific movie, CD, or game.

Customizable Interior Dividers

Inside the case, movable dividers allow you to customize the layout to suit your needs. The interior features 8 sections that can hold approximately 20 discs each. Arrange the sections to accommodate the size of your collection.

For example, if you have more DVDs than CDs, you can allocate more sections for DVD storage. If you want all your workout DVDs together, gaming discs together, etc, you can group them into sections accordingly.

The freedom of customization ensures your Siveit holder will adapt to your changing needs as your collection grows and evolves over the years.

High Quality Zipper for Ample Protection

As the final layer of protection for your beloved media, a heavy duty zipper fully encloses the case when closed. This prevents any dust or debris from sneaking inside and damaging your discs.

Many reviewers confirm the zipper operates smoothly without snagging or catching. It’s easy to zip the case open or closed even when the holder is fully loaded with discs.

The zipper is made from strong interlocking teeth that won’t pull apart with regular use. It keeps the contents securely contained inside until you manually open the case.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Siveit stands behind the quality of their CD/DVD case holder with a 100% money back guarantee. If you aren’t fully satisfied with this product, you can return it for a full refund, no questions asked.

Considering the countless 5 star reviews from enthusiastic customers, it’s unlikely you’ll need to take advantage of the guarantee. Owners consistently praise the durability, storage capacity, portability, and quality of these cases.

However, it’s nice to buy with confidence knowing that Siveit will make it right in the rare event of any issues.

The Ultimate Holder for CD & DVD Aficionados

For those who still buy, treasure, and actively use physical CDs, DVDs, and other discs, the Siveit case holder is a storage essential. This well-made organizer has room to grow as your library expands over the years.

The durable exterior and smooth zipper keep your discs protected from damage while the interior dividers allow flexible customization. With effortless portability, this case holder ensures your collection is always at your fingertips when you want it.

Don’t relegate your beloved discs to a messy pile or a forgotten shelf. Treat them to the storage they deserve with the high quality Siveit CD/DVD Case Holder!


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