Show Off Your Beautiful Quilts and Tapestries with These Stylish Wooden Hanging Clips



Decorate your home in style with the Classy Clamps Wooden Quilt Wall Hangers. These wooden quilt hangers make it easy to display your beautiful quilts, tapestries, blankets, and other wall hangings. With a classic design made from quality wood, these wall quilt hangers add a touch of elegance to any room.

Stylish Wooden Design

The Classy Clamps quilt wall hangers feature a simple yet stylish wooden design. Made from sturdy wood with a smooth lacquered finish, these wooden quilt hangers have a clean, minimalist look that works with any decor. The wooden construction gives them a natural, earthy feel that brings warmth to your space. With their unique shape and carved details, these wall tapestry hangers make a stylish statement while holding your quilts or tapestries securely on the wall.

Easy to Use

Hanging your quilt, tapestry, or other wall hanging is quick and easy with the Classy Clamps. Just insert the top edge of your wall hanging into the clip up to 1/4 inch deep. Place the hanger over the included screw on your wall, and tighten the knob to secure it in place. The wooden clamp grips the fabric securely while avoiding damage. Adjusting or removing your wall hanging is simple – just loosen the knob and reposition or remove. With this quilt hanger kit, you’ll be displaying your wall hangings in minutes!

Ideal for Any Wall Hanging

The Classy Clamps tapestry wall hangers are perfect for holding any type of wall hanging. Use them as blanket hangers to show off your beautiful quilts. Or use them as rug hangers on the wall to display your favorite tapestry. The wooden quilt hangers can also hold other wall decor like macrame wall hangings. Wherever you use them, these multifunctional quilt wall clips will keep your wall art straight and wrinkle-free.

Perfect Size

With dimensions of 3.25 x 2 inches, these quilt clips for walls have a size that works for most wall hangings. The wooden quilt hangers are large enough to hold the top edge of your quilt or tapestry securely, while not taking over the wall. We also offer the quilt wall hangers in different custom sizes and colors. So you can find the perfect fit for your wall decor needs.

Show Off Your Quilt Collection

The Classy Clamps quilt wall hanger is perfect for displaying your prized quilt collection. The wooden quilt clips allow you to hang multiple quilts, showcasing the beautiful patterns and designs of your handmade quilts. You can also rotate through your quilt collection, highlighting different ones during different seasons or occasions. Let these tapestry hangers bring out the best in your gorgeous quilts for all to enjoy.

Key Features:

  • Set of 4 large wooden quilt hangers with clamps
  • Lacquered wood construction with stylish design
  • Holds quilts, tapestries, blankets, and other wall hangings
  • Easy to use – just insert fabric up to 1/4″ into clip
  • Dimensions: 3.25 x 2 inches; Screw included
  • Display your quilt or tapestry collection in style

Reasons to Get These Wooden Quilt Wall Hangers

  • Stylish design made from quality wood
  • Clips grip fabric securely without damage
  • Makes hanging quilts, tapestries, and blankets easy
  • Ideal size for most wall hangings
  • Lets you display and rotate your quilt collection
  • Multipurpose – use as quilt, blanket, rug, or tapestry hangers
  • Minimalist look matches any room’s decor

Stylish Quilt Display with Ease

Elevate your wall decor with the Classy Clamps Wooden Quilt Wall Hangers. Their stylish design showcases your beautiful quilts, tapestries, and other wall hangings easily. Made from quality wood in a versatile size, these quilt hangers make displaying your wall art a breeze. Get these multi-functional quilt clips to create a stylish quilt wall display that complements any decor. Order the Classy Clamps quilt hangers today!


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