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Bring an organic touch of simplicity to your home decor with the Reclaimed Simplicity Accent Table. Lovingly handcrafted from reclaimed teak wood, this small accent table features the natural wood grain, knots, cracks, and imperfections that give it rustic character and make each piece completely unique.

The round tabletop has a live edge design, meaning the raw, naturally uneven outer edge of the tree stump was preserved. This gives the table an organic, earthy look like it was just lifted from the forest floor. The surface is sanded smooth but still shows the beautiful random patterns and variations in the wood. Centered on the tabletop is a large patch of black charred detailing, adding striking visual contrast.

Four tapered legs provide sturdy support and lift the tabletop to a convenient height of 18 inches. The legs have a matte brown finish that allows the wood’s natural grain to show through. Their slim rounded shape gives them a refined, contemporary look.

At just 14 inches wide, this small accent table is perfectly sized to tuck beside a chair or sofa in the living room or next to your bed as a nightstand. Use it to hold a lamp, book, remote, plant, or other small decor items to add a touch of organic modern style. Its compact footprint lets you easily move it around to different spots as needed.

Bring Nature Indoors
This teak wood accent table makes it easy to add a natural, organic feel to your indoor decor. The reclaimed wood and live edge design celebrating the imperfections and uniqueness of real solid wood. This gives your space a cozy, rustic vibe, bringing a sense of the great outdoors inside.

The multi-toned brown and black color palette is reminiscent of the forest floor. Mixing this handmade wood furniture into your existing decor instantly gives it a more natural, earthy look and feel. The contemporary tapered legs provide just enough polished contrast to keep the look refined.

This small side table is perfect for eco-conscious shoppers looking for unique, sustainable home decor. By crafting furniture from reclaimed and salvaged wood, the carbon footprint is kept lower since no new trees need to be harvested. The distressed vintage look of the recycled teak wood gives your space warmth and character that cannot be replicated with new wood.

Artisan Craftsmanship

This teak wood accent table displays meticulous workmanship and attention to detail from the artisan craftspeople who handmade it. The natural edge design takes great skill to execute flawlessly since no two pieces of reclaimed wood are exactly the same. The legs must be precisely fitted to the uneven organic tabletop.

The charred detailing on the tabletop requires an elaborate charring process by experienced woodworkers. The wood surface is carefully burned just deep enough to turn it black while preserving the intricate wood grain underneath. This technique enhances the wood’s natural variations.

From sanding and shaping to finishing and polishing, each piece goes through many stages of hand crafting. The care put into it is evident through the beauty of the final product: a stunning accent table that looks like a miniature work of art.

Stylish and Functional

Beautifully designed inside and out, this accent table serves both stylish form and function. The smooth circular tabletop provides an ample surface for displaying any number of accent decor items from photographs and plants to vases and candles. Or clear it off entirely to use as a chic side table next to a chair or sofa. The compact 14 inch diameter footprint lets you easily move the table around to where you need it.

The tapered legs give the table visual lift and make it easy to sweep or vacuum under. Quality joinery and sturdy reclaimed teak wood construction ensure excellent stability and durability. The live edge design of the tabletop gives this table far more character than a machine-cut table.

Elevate your interior decor with the organic yet modern look of this handcrafted wood accent table. Let its unique reclaimed teak wood and innovative charred detailing become a conversation piece in your home for years to come.

Product Specifications:

Materials: Reclaimed solid teak wood, charred detailing
Dimensions: 14” diameter x 18” high
Weight: 41.8 pounds
Tabletop Shape: Round with live edge
Table Base/Legs: 4 tapered rounded legs
Finish: Multi-toned brown with black charred accents
Assembly: Assembled upon delivery
Warranty: 30 days money back guarantee, 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
Bring the Beauty of Nature Home

If you love decor that celebrates the beauty of natural materials, this handmade teak wood accent table is an excellent choice. The distressed finish and attention to the wood’s unique grain patterns and imperfections reflect the character of reclaimed wood.

Centered on the round tabletop, an artful patch of charred detailing provides bold visual interest. This takes craftsmanship to master, with the wood carefully burned just enough to turn an area black while maintaining the wood grain’s visible texture. Few other materials can match the richness charred wood adds to a space.

The contemporary tapered legs offer modern style that pairs well with the tabletop’s organic shape and multi-toned finish. Together, a blend of modern and natural elements converge in this accent table to create a look perfect for contemporary, modern farmhouse, or rustic style rooms.

In any home decor, this small side table promotes tranquility with its refined yet ruggedly beautiful reclaimed teak wood construction. Let it bring the spirit of the great outdoors into your indoor living space.


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