Protect Your Precious Media Collection with High Quality CD/DVD Sleeves



Introducing the Pacific Mailer White Paper CD/DVD Sleeves – the ultimate storage solution for your beloved music, movies, photos, and data discs. As avid media collectors ourselves, we understand the importance of keeping your discs in pristine condition for years to come. That’s why we’ve designed these sleeves to be protective, durable, and convenient – everything you need to organize and safeguard your growing media library.

Protect Against Scratches, Dust, and Daily Wear and Tear

The worst enemy of your shiny discs is scratches. Even the lightest brush against a rough surface can ruin a disc for good. Dust is another culprit that can accumulate over time, causing skipping or errors. Our CD/DVD sleeves are specially engineered to guard against such damage. Made from smooth, non-abrasive white paper stock, the sleeves prevent surface scratches and debris buildup. The sturdy flap stays securely closed to block out dust. With your discs protected in our sleeves, you can rest assured they’ll stay looking and playing like new for much longer.

Save Space With a Slim, Compact Design

As your collection grows, you’ll need storage solutions that can accommodate all those discs without taking over your living space. The slim profile of our CD/DVD envelopes means you can neatly organize hundreds of discs in binders, shelves, storage boxes, or cabinets without clutter. The sleeves measure 5.2 x 5.5 inches and can stand upright or lay flat – versatile for any storage setup. For extra space savings, use the sleeves in slim dual disc cases. Get your media collection organized and under control with these space-conscious sleeves.

Lightweight and Portable for On-the-Go Use

Your music, movies, and data need to go where you go. Avoid scratches and cracks by transporting discs in our protective sleeves instead of loose. Made from lightweight paper, the sleeves easily slip into backpacks, luggage and laptop bags without adding bulk or weight. The durable material also avoids rips or tears when taken on the go. For road trips and travel, keep sleeves loaded with your favorite media to play on the car stereo or laptop. The portable sleeves provide a safe housing so discs make the journey unscathed.

Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly Alternative to Plastic

Plastic cases may seem like the obvious solution but can get expensive when buying in bulk. They also end up in landfills and take ages to decompose. Our paper CD envelopes provide an affordable and earth-friendly alternative. As a paper product, they can be easily recycled after use. The bulk pack gets you 1000 sleeves at a reasonable price point so you can organize your full collection. For media lovers on a budget, these sleeves are a great cost-saving option. And you can reduce your plastic waste at the same time.

Quick, Hassle-Free Access with Wide Opening

Shuffling through narrow plastic cases can be a chore, especially when retrieving discs in a hurry. Our CD/DVD envelopes make accessing your media fast and hassle-free. The wide opening and side flap allow you to smoothly slide discs in and out in seconds. When closed, the envelope securely contains the disc while remaining easy to open back up. Whether switching out playlists in the car or grabbing a movie for family night, the quick access sleeves make media changes simple.

See Contents Instantly with Clear Front Window

No more pulling out each sleeve and opening it up just identify what’s inside. Our CD envelopes come with a clear plastic window on the front so you can instantly see the disc title, artwork, and contents. Whether filed alphabetically on a shelf or stacked in storage boxes, you’ll be able to instantly locate the exact sleeve you need. The window design makes these sleeves ideal for organizing and protecting your treasured photo discs. Easily find the right wedding, vacation, or special memories disc when they’re stored in our see-through sleeves.

Premium Protection for CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs

All your disc formats – CD, DVD, Blu-ray – deserve premium protection and organization. Our sleeves are specifically designed to fit standard 12cm disc sizes in a snug yet non-scratching fit. Constructed from firm 120g paper, they offer superior durability over flimsier sleeves on the market. The heavier material also prevents bending and creasing that could compromise the sleeve. House all your beloved media in these pro-quality sleeves to keep them looking and sounding their best for many more years of enjoyment.

Organize Your Media Collection Like Never Before

Stop piling loose discs in cardboard boxes and desks drawers. With our quality CD/DVD envelopes, you can finally organize your media the way it deserves. Use handy CD binders and album sheets to arrange your music collection by artist, genre, or alphabetically. Divide your movie collection into sections like family, comedy, action/adventure. Organize data backups and photos by date or subject. Whatever your sorting preferences, these versatile sleeves make it simple to organize your discs neatly and efficiently.

Cut Clutter and Upgrade Your Storage System

Free up space taken over by bulky jewel cases and overflowing shoe boxes full of discs. Our slim CD/DVD sleeves allow you to neatly consolidate your collection onto organized shelving units, media towers, and in storage binders/albums. No more digging through chaotic piles to find a particular disc. Cut the clutter and easily locate titles with a streamlined storage system. Especially in compact living spaces, the low profile sleeves help maximize every inch of storage real estate. Take control of your media collection and make it look as great as it sounds.

Go All In for Ultimate Media Protection

For CD, DVD, and Blu-ray owners with sizable collections, this bulk pack is the perfect way to protect every single disc at an economical price. Why invest so much money in your media only to let it get damaged? 1000 sleeves means you can cover even the most robust library and keep it pristine. Never worry about replacing scratched discs or lost data again. And you’ll always know just where to find the exact disc you need thanks to the organized storage. For maximum return on investment, this pack has got your precious media covered for the long haul.

Your Memories and Media Deserve the Best – Order Today!

Don’t wait until your discs are so scratched and damaged that they’re unplayable. Protect your investment today with high-quality CD/DVD sleeves for every single title in your collection. We guarantee you’ll be impressed by the durability, quality, and convenience built into every Pacific Mailer sleeve. Organize your media like never before and always access exactly what you need, when you need it. With proper storage, your discs will deliver many more years of crystal clear sound, perfect pictures, and priceless memories. Keep your past alive and order these must-have sleeves now!


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