Organize Your Shoes in Style with the ciecie 10-Tier Shoe Rack



Tired of tripping over piles of shoes by the front door? Frustrated with having to dig through a messy, overstuffed closet to find your favorite pair of kicks? Bring peace and order to your home with the ciecie Shoe Rack, the storage solution that makes the most of limited space. This tall, narrow rack provides ample storage for 20-24 pairs of shoes while occupying minimal floor area.

Maximize Vertical Storage

Built with 10 tiers, each measuring 12.05” wide by 16.65” long, this space-saving shoe organizer allows you to neatly store and easily access shoes of all styles – from flats and sandals to tennis shoes and work boots. The tiered design eliminates the hassles of stacking shoes or cramming them tightly on closet shelves and floor space. Better yet, the compact footprint fits in narrow crevices and tight spaces, making it perfect for apartments, dorm rooms, or anywhere square footage is limited.

Industrial-Strength, Durable Construction

The sturdy steel frame incorporates reinforced PP connectors and robust, powder-coated pipes that resist corrosion and last for years of daily use. The included disposable mini hammer allows for quick and easy assembly. Built to stand up to frequent access and shoe changes, this will remain an attractive, intact storage solution that withstands busy households. Anti-tip anchors provide enhanced stability, so you can confidently store heavy boots without fear of the rack tilting or toppling over.

Convenient, Customizable Storage

Organize by family member, shoe type, or color with personalized shelf assignments. The attached hook rack creates additional storage for purses, keys, scarves, and other accessories. Place in an entryway, hallway, closet, or garage to cut down clutter as soon as you walk in the door. For larger shoe collections, combine two units to double your storage capacity. Or use as two 5-tier racks placed in separate rooms.


Ciecie stands behind all products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We provide friendly, responsive customer service and prompt resolution for any issues with missing or damaged parts. Assembly instructions are included, but feel free to contact us if any guidance is needed during setup.

Bring tidiness and visual harmony to any room in your home with the ciecie 10-Tier Shoe Rack. Order today and step into organization!


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