Organize Your Buffet Beautifully with This Scrollwork 7-Piece Buffet Set



Entertain in style with this beautiful scrollwork buffet set from Collections Etc. With space for plates, napkins and cutlery, this 7-piece organizer has everything you need to create an elegant buffet spread for dinners, parties and holidays.

This buffet set includes four round utensil holders, a rectangular napkin holder and two scrollwork plate stands that can be stacked or separated to fit your space. The antique bronze finish and figural scrollwork design add a touch of vintage elegance to your table decor.

Designed for Versatile Use

Fitted with four compartments, the rectangular napkin holder provides dedicated space for folded napkins or dinner rolls. The two plate stands each feature four slots to hold plates upright and can be used together to store stacks of plates or separated to serve appetizers, main courses and desserts.

The four round cutlery holders keep utensils neatly organized. Place them on the table ends or position them on the plate stands to hold forks, knives and spoons. Their 2 1/2 inch diameter openings accommodate most cutlery pieces.

Sized for Standard Tableware

The plate stands are sized to fit standard 10 to 10 1/2 inch dinner plates. Each stand is approximately 14 inches wide, providing ample room for dinner, salad and bread plates.

When stacked together, the stands stand about 15 1/2 inches high. Separated, they are about 7 3/4 inches tall. The napkin holder measures 7 inches square by 4 inches high.

Stores Neatly Out of Sight

When your buffet is over, these organizers store conveniently out of sight. The plate stands and cutlery holders nest inside each other for a compact footprint. The rectangular napkin holder stacks on top.

Fully assembled, this buffet set measures approximately 19 1/2 inches long by 14 inches wide by 15 1/2 inches high. It will tuck neatly into a cabinet or buffet drawer after use.

Designed for Easy Customization

Rearrange the pieces to suit your needs. Use both plate stands together to hold stacks of plates or separate them to serve different courses. Place the cutlery holders on the table or position them on the plate stands.

Use the napkin holder for folded napkins or remove the interior dividers and fill it with dinner rolls instead. With its modular design, you can customize this buffet set to match your menu and table setting.

Vintage Style Meets Functional Design

With its antique bronze finish and embossed scrollwork motif, this buffet organizer set brings timeless style to your tabletop. The warm metallic hue and Victorian scroll details give the set a dimensional, vintage look.

Beneath the ornate exterior is a smartly designed buffet organizer set that stores tableware neatly and makes serving simple. The stands keep plates upright, while the compartments corral napkins and cutlery in their place. Form and function come together beautifully.

Part of the Vintage Scrollwork Collection

This buffet organizer set coordinates with other vintage-inspired products from Collections Etc. Mix and match pieces from the scrollwork collection to give your dining room a handsome, coordinated look.

In addition to the buffet organizers, the collection includes candleholders, trays, canisters and frames featuring antique bronze metal and figural scroll embellishments. With its timeless, romantic style, this collection allows you to create a buffet or centerpiece with cohesive design.

Designed for Buffets and Everyday Use

While this buffet set truly shines when you’re hosting a dinner, it’s also useful for everyday kitchen storage. Use the plate stands to neatly stack dishes in your cabinet and keep the cutlery holders on your kitchen counter to organize utensils.

The compact, nested design minimizes the storage footprint, so you can keep the set handy for both special occasions and regular meal prep.

An Elegant Choice for Entertaining

With its beautiful vintage design, this organizer set elevates any buffet spread. Use it to add a touch of grace to your holiday table, Easter brunch, or when hosting dinner parties big and small. It keeps all your serving essentials neatly arranged and close at hand.

If a simpler look is more your style, this set also comes with a chrome finish and smooth, non-textured plate stands. The antiqued bronze version, however, provides beautiful visual interest and a dose of Victorian style perfect for formal entertaining.

So bring effortless organization and a dash of vintage charm to your next dinner buffet with this cleverly designed buffet set. With space to neatly arrange plates, napkins and cutlery, it will make your tabletop as functional as it is lovely.


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