Never Deal with a Sliding Mattress Again! Introducing the COMASACH 6 PCS Non Slip Gaskets for Bed Frame



We’ve all been there – tossing and turning all night as your mattress slowly inches its way off the bed frame. You wake up to find yourself practically falling off the bed, with your sheets tangled and pillows strewn across the floor. It’s frustrating, uncomfortable, and can really disrupt a good night’s sleep.

But now there’s a simple and effective solution – the COMASACH non slip gaskets for bed frames. These innovative little gaskets effortlessly secure your mattress in place, preventing midnight creeping and ensuring you stay comfortably nestled all night long.

Crafted from durable metal, each gasket simply slides right onto your existing bed frame, with no tools required. The smart design wedges firmly between the mattress and frame to grip tightly and eliminate sliding. Just slip on all 6 gaskets around the 4 sides of the frame, and you’ll lock your mattress securely in place.

With an open size of 1.2 cm, these gaskets are specially designed to fit most standard bed frames with a pipe or bar width of about 0.47 inches. Just be sure to measure your frame first to ensure proper fitting. If your frame pipes are a bit larger or smaller, COMASACH offers other size options to custom fit your exact bed.

Not only do these gaskets help stabilize your mattress, but they also protect your bed frame from scratches and scuffs. No more annoying scrapes from a shifting mattress slowly grinding against the frame all night long. The smooth finish glides gently against your mattress, keeping your frame pristine.

COMASACH’s non slip gaskets help provide a more restful and relaxed night’s sleep in a few key ways:

Prevent your mattress from sliding, creeping, and moving all over the frame
Eliminate the irritation of sleeping on a shifted, uneven mattress
Keep your sheets tucked neatly in place all night long
Prevent you or your partner from rolling into the mattress gap against the frame
Protect your bed frame from ugly scratches and scrapes
Allow you to get in and out of bed without shifting the mattress
Keep your mattress centered on the frame so it wears evenly
Can be installed in just seconds without any tools or hardware
With over 1,000 positive reviews, customers love how quickly and easily these gaskets resolve their maddening mattress slide issues:

“These non slip pads saved me from the dreaded mattress gap! My wife and I used to wake up with our mattress crooked and sliding half off the bed frame. We got so tired of constantly pushing and straightening the huge heavy thing back into place. As soon as I installed these little gaskets around the frame, problem solved! Our mattress hasn’t budged an inch since and now we can just hop into bed without all the hassle.”

“I was skeptical that these little rubber pieces would keep my mattress from moving but they totally did the job! I originally bought them because my toddler mattress kept sliding around making it dangerous for her. Now it’s completely fixed in place and I don’t have to worry about her falling into any dangerous gaps. Plus it’s super easy to take them off and move them when I change her crib bedding.”

“My bed is on wheels which makes the mattress slide around like crazy whenever I roll it to clean. The gaskets were so easy to put on and now my mattress stays perfectly put, even when I move the bed all over the place. No more wrestling the huge mattress back into position, these gaskets do all the work for me!”

With COMASACH’s non slip gaskets, you’ll finally be able to sleep soundly through the night without the annoyance of a shifting, sliding mattress. Order a set today and provide the simple, affordable solution to this common bedroom nuisance!


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