Natural Coir Checkerboard Doormat with Non-Slip Backing, 32″x16″



Welcome guests in style with this stylish and functional Natural Coir Checkerboard Doormat. Handmade from 100% natural coir fiber harvested from coconut husks, this durable doormat features an engraved checkerboard pattern that brings visual interest to any entryway. The rich natural brown color complements any décor style from traditional to modern.

Non-Slip PVC Backing Provides Sturdy Support

Unlike other doormats that easily slide around on hard floors, this natural coir doormat contains a non-slip PVC backing that keeps it firmly in place. The sturdy PVC backing grips to the floor, while the 1/2 inch thick coir pile provides softness underfoot. The non-slip feature also prevents slips and falls for added safety.

Expertly Crafted for Long Lasting Beauty

Hand woven using traditional methods, this natural coir doormat is built to last. Coir fiber has natural resistance to mold, mildew, rot and decay. The engraved checkerboard design is woven right into the mat, not printed on the surface like cheaper doormats. The intricately woven construction provides durability to withstand years of use in any indoor or covered outdoor location.

Traps Dirt and Moisture to Keep Floors Clean

The dense pile of this coir doormat has superior dirt and moisture trapping abilities. The woven fibers naturally rub off dirt and soak up melting snow and rain from shoes. This helps keep your floors clean by stopping the mess at the door. Regular shaking or vacuuming revives the mat by removing trapped dirt. A quick hose wash also helps maintain the mat’s appearance between deep cleanings.

Contributes to a Safer and Healthier Home

Doormats are an important part of a comprehensive floor safety program. Placing this mat at all exterior doors helps prevent slips by absorbing moisture and providing grip for shoes. Stopping dirt at the door also promotes good indoor air quality by limiting the amount tracked inside. The PVC backing ensures the mat stays securely in place to protect people of all ages from preventable falls.

Multipurpose Design Matches Any Décor

With its versatile checkerboard pattern in neutral natural brown tones, this doormat complements farmhouse, traditional, coastal, modern and other interior design styles. Use it as an outdoor mat under a covered porch area. Or place it inside an entryway, mudroom, kitchen, garage, laundry room or any high traffic area. The engraved checkerboard design adds an unexpected pop of visual interest without overpowering the space.

Convenient Size for Small and Large Spaces

Measuring 32 inches long by 16 inches wide, this doormat is well proportioned for placement in front of doors and entryways. The elongated rectangular shape also makes it easy to wipe feet without stepping off the mat. Use multiple mats side by side to protect larger entry spaces. The 1/2 inch pile height provides sturdiness without creating a tripping hazard.

Proudly Handcrafted with Sustainable Materials

The natural coir fiber used to create this doormat provides an eco-friendly alternative to synthetic options. Coir is a sustainable material made from a renewable byproduct of coconut production. The intricate checkerboard design is woven right into the pile without any inks, dyes or chemical treatments. Producing colorful decoration by skilled artisans instead of harsh chemicals allows the true natural beauty of coir fiber to shine through.

Easy Maintenance Ensures Lasting Appearance

Caring for this doormat is simple. Regularly shake or vacuum the mat outside to dislodge dirt from between the woven fibers. Occasionally hose it down to rinse off excess mud or grime. Let the mat completely dry before replacing in an entryway. Avoid excessive moisture to prevent mold or mildew growth. Rotate the mat seasonally to allow even wear. With proper care, this thoughtfully crafted doormat provides years of reliable service.

Superior Quality and Value

With its natural good looks, engraved checkerboard pattern, and non-slip PVC backing, this doormat provides superior quality at an excellent value. The intricate hand woven coir construction is designed to trap dirt and moisture to protect your floors. The engraved checkerboard design adds a decorative touch of visual interest without overwhelming the space. Built to last for years of daily use, this mat will be a smart addition to your home.

Protect your floors while welcoming guests in style with this artfully crafted Natural Coir Checkerboard Doormat. The non-slip backing grips securely while the plush woven pile absorbs moisture and traps dirt. Handmade by skilled artisans using natural eco-friendly coir fibers, this mat is an enduring choice for any home.


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