Multi-Color CD & DVD Storage Case – Organizes 48 Discs



Tired of digging through stacks of CDs and DVDs trying to find the one you want? Stay organized with the Siveit CD/DVD Storage Case! This high capacity case neatly stores up to 48 discs in individual slots, protecting them from dust, scratches, and damage.

Spacious Multi-Color Storage

With room for 48 CDs or DVDs, this case eliminates clutter and makes finding the right disc easy. The spacious storage capacity means you can organize your entire media collection in one place.

Choose from 15 colors like black, blue, pink, and more to separate discs into categories or personalize your storage. For example, store all your workout DVDs in the pink case and kids’ movies in the yellow case. With the colored cases, you can organize your collection however you like!

Durable Construction Protects Discs

The Siveit organizer case is constructed from sturdy plastic to keep your discs safe from scratches and everyday wear and tear. The durable plastic shell prevents damage if the case is dropped or bumped.

Inside, discs are cradled in protective fabric slots lined with smooth PP film. This keeps the discs from sliding around and the soft lining protects against surface scratches. No more digging through loose piles of discs and trying to read faded labels – the protective slots keep discs pristine.

Smooth Zipper for Quick Access

A high-quality zipper makes opening and closing the case a breeze. Easily flip through and access all your CDs and DVDs thanks to the smooth nylon zipper. Once filled with 48 discs, the zipper glides effortlessly to seal the case shut for storage or travel.

The zipper is sturdy enough for daily use and built to last over extended periods. No need to worry about breakage over time.

Smart Slide Locks Hold Discs in Place

Inside each slot, discs are secured by a slide lock system to prevent sliding and shifting. The intelligent design includes a small plastic tab that slides over the disc, locking it snugly in place.

To remove a disc, simply slide the tab open. This ensures your discs stay put when carrying or storing the case. No more discs falling out and getting lost in bags or boxes!

We’ve also removed the T-shaped plastic edges inside each slot, allowing you to slide discs in flat without obstruction. This makes organizing your collection quicker and more convenient.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction with the storage case is our top priority. We’re confident in the quality craftsmanship and materials used to create this organizer.

If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, please contact us directly and we’ll make it right. Our friendly customer service team is ready to help with any product issues or refunds.

Don’t settle for flimsy disposable cases or folders to store your disc collection. The Siveit CD/DVD Storage Case is a high capacity, protective solution designed to last. The sturdy build, colorful options, and clever locking slots make organizing your movies, music, and more a breeze.

Reasons to Choose the Siveit 48 Capacity Storage Case

  • Holds up to 48 CDs or DVDs
  • Durable plastic shell prevents damage
  • Interior fabric & film protect discs from scratches
  • Choose from 15 fun colors to organize collection
  • Smooth zipper for quick open and closing
  • Slide lock tabs hold discs securely in place
  • Removable T-shaped edges for easy loading
  • Perfect for home, office, travel and storage
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Stop wasting time searching for misplaced discs and maintain your collection in pristine condition. Get the Siveit 48 Capacity CD/DVD Storage Case today!


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