Make Any Room Cozy and Inviting with This Versatile Candle Warmer Lamp



Bring a warm, welcoming glow to your home with the candle warmer lamp. This elegantly designed lamp doesn’t just provide ambient lighting – it also gently heats jar candles to fill the air with your favorite scents.

Customizable Brightness for Day or Night

With two adjustablewarm light bulbs, you can easily customize the brightness to set the perfect mood. Dim the bulbs for a soft, relaxing atmosphere at bedtime. Or turn them up to brighten a reading nook or workspace. The scroll wheel lets you find the ideal lighting level for any time of day.

Made to Showcase Jar Candles

The round wooden base is specially designed to display jar candles and maximize their fragrance. The inner groove fits 4″ wide candles, accommodating most standard jar sizes. As the candle melts, the lamp’s warmth releases more aroma into the air. Show off candle labels through the clear glass or go label-free for a clean, contemporary look.

Quick and Easy Assembly with Minimal Maintenance

With tool-free assembly, you can start enjoying this lamp’s features in minutes. Just rotate the bulb sockets to securely insert the bulbs, then place your favorite candle in the base. When it’s time to replace the bulb, the sockets make it just as easy. Since the jar captures melted wax, maintaining the lamp is as simple as blowing out the candle and wiping the glass clean.

Beautifully Designed to Enhance Any Decor

A wooden base and antique bronze metal shade give this lamp a rustic yet modern look. The handsome design serves as a decorative accent piece even when the candle and lights aren’t in use. Place it on a console table, mantel, nightstand or entryway table to infuse visual interest. It’s an elegant choice for farmhouse, industrial, urban and eclectic decor styles.

Safety Tested for Peace of Mind

The candle warmer lamp meets ASTM and CPSC safety standards for stability, materials and electrical components. The on/off switch, adjustable knob and candle warmer maintain low surface temperatures to prevent burns. The sturdy weighted base prevents tipping.

Satisfaction Guaranteed with Our Warranty

Your satisfaction is important to us. That’s why our products are backed by a 30-day warranty. If you experience any issues with materials or workmanship, we’ll promptly resolve the problem to your complete satisfaction. Our helpful customer service team is available by email to answer questions and address concerns.

Enjoy Endless Options with Compatible Candles

Experiment with different scented candles to create an atmosphere that reflects your mood. Calming lavender or chamomile candles set a relaxing vibe for evenings. Citrus and ocean breezes evoke a sense of energy and renewal. Vanilla, cinnamon and woodsy scents establish a warm, welcoming ambiance. With this versatile lamp, the possibilities are endless.

The candle warmer lamp brings beautiful candlelight glow and enchanting fragrances together in one accent piece. Transform any space into a comforting oasis and enjoy the flickering ambiance, cozy warmth and evocative scents. Order today to make your home more inviting one candle at a time.


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