Luxurious Comfort for Your Home – Memory Foam Bean Bag Filler



Give your bean bag chair, dog bed, couch cushions or stuffed animals a cozy upgrade with the COYMOS Memory Foam Bean Bag Filler. This premium shredded memory foam provides next-level comfort and support for all your lounging and relaxation needs.

Composed of 100% real memory foam, this bean bag filler offers 4 cubic feet of lofty softness when fully expanded. That’s enough to plump up a large bean bag chair or several throw pillows. The foam pieces compress for easy pouring into bags and pillowcases, then spring back to shape once inside.

Unlike plastic bead fillers that clump and conform unevenly to your body, COYMOS memory foam cradles you in cushioned comfort from head to toe. The resilient foam pieces conform to your shape, then bounce back to uniform fullness after you get up. This even distribution of support helps align the spine and relieve pressure points, making memory foam ideal for lounging for hours on end.

What’s more, COYMOS memory foam is certified safe and healthy for household use. It contains no harsh chemicals or irritating fibreglass like cheaper foam fillers. The clean, dense foam is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to microbes and allergens.

Let’s look at a few ways to use this versatile foam filler in your home:

Upgrade Your Bean Bag Chair

Tired of sagging, lump-bed bean bags? Swap out old plastic bead fill with COYMOS memory foam for a bean bag that perfectly cradles your body. The foam conforms to your shape while supporting your back and neck – no more slouching or neck strain! The filler retains its loft and bounce far longer than bean bag beads.

Plump Couch Cushions & Pillows

Give tired sofa cushions and throw pillows a fluffy refresh. COYMOS memory foam is ideal for stuffing cushions, accent pillows, floor poufs and more. The supple foam brings new life to worn cushions and adds cozy softness to any seating area.

DIY Dog Beds & Pet Beds

Pamper your pet with the comfort of memory foam. Use COYMOS filler to stuff DIY pet beds and lounge spots for your dog or cat. The resilient foam conforms to your pet’s body, relieving pressure on joints. And unlike cedar chips or fabric scraps, memory foam deters microbes to keep your pet’s bed fresher.

Toy Stuffing & Crafts

Crafters love COYMOS memory foam for stuffing handmade plushies, dolls and decorative items. The foam is easy to work with, holds shapes well and brings toys to life with lifelike squishiness. It’s also hypoallergenic for children’s toys and safe for all ages.

Key Features:

100% premium shredded memory foam filling
Expands to 4 cubic feet volume
Density Grade 3 – medium soft & supportive
Hypoallergenic, antimicrobial & odor resistant
Compresses for easy pouring into covers
Bounces back to shape after compressing
Safer & healthier than plastic beads or styrofoam
Ideal for bean bags, pet beds, pillows, crafts & more!

With COYMOS Memory Foam Filler, you can easily refresh old bean bags, dog beds and cushions. Or create custom stuffed items using the versatile foam pieces. Experience superior comfort and support compared to standard filler materials. Your home decor and lounging sessions will thank you!

Customer Reviews

Thomas S. “I bought this shredded memory foam to refill some sad, deflated bean bag chairs. It expanded nicely and now my chairs feel like new! Such a game changer from the cheap beads they had before.”

Sarah L. “I used this filler for a cat bed DIY project. My cats love kneading and curling up in it. It’s very soft but still provides nice support – and my picky cats seem to approve!”

James R. “Needed pillow stuffing for some floor cushions I sewed. This memory foam is so much nicer than polyfill stuffing. The cushions hold their shape well and feel great to lounge on.”

Overall, COYMOS Shredded Memory Foam offers superior comfort, support and durability compared to standard bean bag filler beads, cedar chips, polyfill and other materials. If you want to upgrade the comfort level of your home’s seating and lounging areas, this premium foam filler is an excellent choice.


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