Keep Dirt at the Door with the Color G Absorbent Indoor Door Mat



Welcome, weary travelers! Leave the mess outside where it belongs with the Color G Indoor Door Mat. This heavy-duty doormat traps dirt, dust, mud, moisture, and more to keep floors clean and cut down on tracked-in mess.

Premium Absorbent Material Captures Dirt and Moisture

The Color G Indoor Doormat is constructed from premium absorbent fabric designed to excel at trapping dirt, dust, mud, snow, water, and other undesirable elements from shoes. The advanced microfiber material quickly wicks moisture while the tightly woven surface scrapes debris off shoes. This leaves shoes clean while keeping floors spotless.

Though thin, the mat boasts an amazing dirt and liquid holding capacity. The black color also does a great job at hiding accumulated grime between cleanings. Keep one at every exterior door so messy paws, muddy boots, dripping umbrellas, and more don’t make a mess of your beautiful floors.

Stable, Non-Slip Backing for Safety

A quality doormat needs to stay put! The last thing you want is for the mat to slide around creating a tripping hazard. The Color G Indoor Doormat tackles this issue with a durable non-slip rubber backing. The gripped bottom keeps the mat firmly planted right where you want it. No matter how much it’s stepped on, the mat won’t budge.

The non-slip nature also keeps the mat flat against the floor. There’s no buckling or folding to make opening and closing doors difficult. The low profile easily fits under doors without obstruction, even those with very little clearance.

Durable and Easy to Clean

Built to stand up to years of use, the Color G Doormat resists fading, tearing, and fraying. Though we can’t guarantee your family members won’t try to destroy it, it’s designed to handle heavy activity. The tightly woven microfiber strands are quite durable against normal wear.

When it’s time to freshen up the mat, just grab your hose or pop it in the washing machine. The material shakes clean and rinses off easily. For a deeper clean, machine washing works great. Skip the bleach to maintain the rich black color.

Lay the mat flat or hang it to air dry. The microfiber construction ensures it dries quickly so it can get back to work keeping your floors clean. With proper care, expect this entryway essential to last for years.

Neutral Colors Blend with Any Decor

Sometimes doormats try to make too much of a fashion statement. The Color G Indoor Doormat takes a more versatile approach with classic color options. The black blended with the subtle grey Color G logo complements both traditional and contemporary design schemes.

Use black mats at your front door, garage entry, or any high traffic location. The dark color disguises accumulated dirt between cleanings. Grey options are lower contrast yet still coordinate with most color palettes. Or go bold with navy blue or rich brown shades.

Sized Right for Every Entryway

The Color G Indoor Doormat comes in a range of sizes to fit any space:

20 x 30 inches – Great for high traffic interior doors like at the kitchen or master bedroom. Also fits well in tight spaces like RVs, apartments, and townhouses.

20 x 32 inches – Perfect for front doors, back doors, and primary garage entries. Fits the door landing area in most homes.

24 x 36 inches – Provides expanded coverage for large entryways or under overhangs and coverings. Also ideal for businesses.

36 x 60 inches – Oversized option for wide open foyers and commercial facilities. Captures maximum dirt at big thresholds.

With custom sizing, it’s easy to select the ideal doormat for every application. Size up to really capture dirt in high traffic areas. Or downsize for cramped interior doorways. The quality remains the same.

Say Goodbye to Tracked-In Dirt and Moisture

Don’t let dirty feet ruin your beautiful floors and carpets. Deploy the Color G Indoor Door Mat at all exterior entry points. As soon as shoes hit the mat, it starts capturing loose dirt and absorbing moisture. This prevents filth from getting ground into floors where it’s difficult to remove.

As shoes move across the mat, the microfiber strands grab more debris. The raised texture scrubs caked on muck off shoes for superior cleaning. Just a couple steps cleans shoes off remarkably well to protect interior floors.

The low profile design fits easily under doors without obstructing operation. Non-slip backing keeps the mat securely in position so it can catch dirt and prevent slips. When the mat needs cleaning just shake it out or toss it in the washing machine.

Experience the difference a quality indoor doormat can make. Never deal with unexpected messy floors again after friends and family come in from outside. The Color G mat takes care of all that shoe-tracked unpleasantness at the door. Order now to protect your home in style.


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