Japanese Artistry in a Mini Byobu Folding Screen – Bamboo and Crane Motifs Bring Luck and Serenity



Transport your home or office decor to old Japan with this exquisitely handcrafted miniature byobu folding screen. Using time-honored lacquer techniques perfected over centuries, artisans meticulously layered this wooden screen with glossy black urushi lacquer and elegantly painted two classic motifs representing good fortune and longevity.

On one side, slender bamboo stalks sway gently, the leaves intricately detailed down to each delicate vein. Bamboo symbolizes strength, resilience, and unwavering spirit in Japanese iconography. Gazing upon this tranquil scene of nature’s resilience creates a sense of peaceful well-being.

Turn the screen around and see magnificent red-crowned cranes painted in vivid color. These regal birds represent good luck, longevity, and happiness in Japanese culture. The elegant curvature of their necks and precise feather detailing demonstrates the artist’s supreme technical skill.

At just 11.8″ x 9.4″, this miniature byobu is perfect for desk or tabletop display. The dual nature scenes make it beautiful from all angles, allowing you to enjoy a taste of old Japan no matter where you place it in your home or office. For those looking to add a touch of exotic eastern artistry, this hand-painted wooden screen makes an elegant accent piece. Let the lucky cranes and peaceful bamboo bring a bit of zen to your personal decor.


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