Illuminate Your Beauty Routine with the Benbilry 8.5” Lighted Makeup Mirror



Achieve picture-perfect makeup application with the Benbilry 8.5” Lighted Makeup Mirror. This innovative mirror features adjustable brightness, color temperature settings, and 1X/10X magnification for expert-level detail work. The large 8.5” viewing area provides a comprehensive view so you can see your whole face. And with cordless convenience and a slim, space-saving design, this mirror is perfect for home use or travel.

See Yourself in the Clearest Light

The Benbilry Makeup Mirror uses 54 LED lamp beads to cast even, shadow-free lighting. Choose from three color modes—white light, warm light, and natural light—to find the right tone that brings out your best look. Easily adjust the brightness up or down to reduce glare. The light bar stretches across the top of the mirror to evenly distribute light and eliminates harsh shadows. This mirror recreates the perfect lighting conditions to make sure colors look natural but flaws don’t get missed.

Magnification Options for Flawless Precision

This mirror features 1X/10X dual-sided magnification so you can perfect every detail of your look. The 1X magnification is great for doing your overall face—foundation, blush, eyeshadow. Switch to the 10X magnifying side when you need to see up close for tricky precision work like winged eyeliner or eyebrow plucking. The 360° swivel design rotates to any angle so you can get the best view.

Rechargeable and Cordless for Convenience

An integrated lithium-ion battery powers up the Benbilry Makeup Mirror’s lights and magnification. A full charge lasts up to 5-6 hours of continuous use. And thanks to the convenient cordless design, you don’t have to deal with tangled wires while you work. Easily repower the mirror by plugging in the included Type-C charger. Portable and lightweight, this mirror is ideal for travel so you can stay on your beauty routine, even on the go.

Key Features:

Upgraded 8.5” viewing area provides a wide, comprehensive viewing angle
Height adjusts from 15” to 20” to customize placement
Dual 1X/10X magnification sides for regular and detailed makeup application
54 LED lamp beads with white, warm, and natural light color options
Stepless dimming button lets you adjust brightness as needed
Cordless design powered by a built-in rechargeable 2000mAh battery
360° rotation swivels to any angle for the best lighting
Lasts up to 5-6 hours per charge
Memory function recalls previous brightness setting
Auto shut-off after 30 minutes to preserve battery
Lightweight and portable for travel and home use
Type-C charging cable included

Cutting Edge Features for Spot-On Application

The Benbilry Makeup Mirror combines innovative features and intuitive controls so you can achieve flawless makeup results:

Height Adjustability

Customize the mirror to your height preferences and sitting position. The height adjusts from a minimum of 15 inches to a maximum of 20 inches. Just slide the pole up or down and tighten the locking screw to secure in place.

Dual Magnification

The 1X/10X magnification options allow you to seamlessly switch between regular and detailed views. 1X magnification provides a clear reflection for doing overall makeup. Use the 10X side when you need to get extremely close to see every lash and eyebrow hair for precision work.

Memory Function

The mirror intelligently remembers the brightness level you last used. When powered on again, it will automatically revert to that brightness setting. No need to reset it each time.

Auto Shut-Off

To preserve battery life, the mirror will automatically switch off after 30 minutes of inactivity. Perfect for absent-minded users who occasionally forget to manually turn it off!

Cordless Design

With no power cords to contend with, you can freely swivel and rotate the mirror to any angle without hassle. The cordless design also makes this mirror highly portable for travel.

Endless Versatility for All Your Beauty Needs

This innovative makeup mirror transitions seamlessly to meet all your beauty routine needs:

Apply your daily makeup with perfect lighting that shows true colors
Pluck eyebrows and hairs with minimum discomfort thanks to 10X magnification
Jazz up evenings out with immaculate winged eyeliner and eyeshadow
Lean in close to manipulate contact lenses
Check that every hair is in place after styling your ‘do
Ensure your skin care products are fully blended and absorbed
Manicures and pedicures are easy with a close-up view of each nail
Tweeze stray hairs anywhere from nostrils to nipples! The 10X view lets you see it all

The Benbilry Makeup Mirror is specially designed to make grooming easier for those with vision challenges. The 1X/10X magnification options bring even the smallest details into focus. And you can position the mirror close to avoid straining your eyes or bending your neck at awkward angles.

With flawless form and function, this innovative mirror truly elevates and illuminates your beauty routine. Look your radiant best every day with the Benbilry Makeup Mirror!

Rave Reviews

See why the Benbilry Makeup Mirror is a top choice for beauty enthusiasts:

“This mirror made doing my makeup so much easier. I love the different magnification options and color settings. It’s so slim and stylish too.” – Mary, NY

“I’m legally blind and struggle with makeup application. This lighted mirror is a game changer. The clarity of the magnification is amazing and lets me put my face on with confidence.” – Jen, CA

“I love using this mirror for plucking my eyebrows. The 10X zoom gets so close I can see even the finest hairs. No more messy over-plucking.” – Susan, FL

“The portability is genius. I can pack this mirror to bring flawless lighting for makeup touch-ups anytime on vacation or business trips.” – Amanda, WA

Your Perfect Makeup Mirror Awaits

Beautifully designed with innovative features, the Benbilry Lighted Makeup Mirror takes your beauty game to the next level. Experience perfect lighting, smart magnification, cordless convenience, and professional results every time. This makeup mirror is the must-have beauty tool for flawless looks anywhere life takes you. Illuminate your beauty routine today!


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