Honor Their Sacrifice with this Beautiful American Flag Cremation Urn for Veterans, Police, Firefighters, and K9 Officers



Losing someone who dedicated their life to serving our country or community is incredibly difficult. With this patriotic cremation urn from Bold & Divine, you can pay tribute to your loved one’s service and sacrifice. Expertly handcrafted from durable aluminum, this high-quality urn allows you to honor their memory with grace and beauty.

A Fitting Tribute for Those Who Serve

This eye-catching urn features a vibrant full-color American flag design that symbolizes our shared values of courage, duty, and sacrifice. Whether your loved one was a veteran who served our nation, a firefighter who protected homes and lives, a police officer who kept communities safe, or a loyal K9 officer, this urn provides a meaningful way to recognize their contributions.

Quality Craftsmanship for Lasting Remembrance

Beautifully constructed by skilled artisans, this urn is built to last. The lightweight yet strong aluminum ensures this memorial urn will stand the test of time. It can safely hold the cremated remains of an adult loved one while making a bold visual statement. The rich details of the American flag are sharply defined against a brushed metal background for an elegant, dignified look.

Designed for Display and Tribute

Measuring 10.5″ H x 6.7″ W x 6.7″ D and weighing just over 4 pounds, this urn is ideal for display on a mantle, shelf, or niche. The wide rectangular shape provides ample space for adding an engraved nameplate or plaque. Or keep it in a place of honor in your home as an ever-present reminder of their sacrifice. Wherever you choose to place it, this brilliant patriotic urn will draw the eye and evoke fond memories.

A Meaningful Legacy

When your loved one is laid to rest, present them with an urn as unique as they were. Rather than a plain, forgettable container, this artful patriotic urn preserves their memory with dignity and respect. The rich American flag design is a timeless symbol of the values they lived by.

Friends and family who visit will instantly understand the significance of this commemorative urn. It makes a bold statement about a life well lived in service to others.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We know an urn is a deeply personal purchase made during an emotional time. That’s why we offer a total satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely happy with this patriotic cremation urn, you can return it with no questions asked.

Honor Their Noble Spirit

Paying tribute to the spirit of selflessness and sacrifice is a privilege. Send your veteran, officer, firefighter, or K9 off with an urn as unique and brave as they were. This brilliant patriotic urn from Bold & Divine ensures their service and commitment will always be remembered.


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