Honor Loved Ones with Candlelight Service Vigil Candles

Memorial Candles to Remember Those Who Have Passed



Bring comfort and pay tribute to loved ones during memorial services, vigils, or personal moments of reflection with our Candlelight Service Vigil Candles. These 4.25″ long white candles provide a warm, flickering light to honor someone’s memory and life. Light one as you share stories, say prayers, or sit in quiet contemplation. The soft glow creates a peaceful ambiance for gatherings large and small.

Uplift Congregations with Candles for Worship

Inspire church gatherings by illuminating pews with our Candlelight Service Vigil Candles. Their steady flames bring focus, unity and hope to congregations. Use them during holiday services, special events, weddings, baptisms, confirmations and more. The slim 4.25″ size allows multiple candles to be placed on holders without taking up too much space. Celebrate faith and community with these clean-burning candles.

Spark Celebration at Christmas Eve Services

Our Candlelight Service Vigil Candles help create a magical mood during Christmas Eve services and holiday events. As members of the congregation light candles, the sanctuary glows with the promise of Christmas day. Families also love lighting the candles at home before bedtime on Christmas Eve, starting a cherished yearly tradition. The 4.25″ size makes them easy to hold and pass between people.

Observe Shabbat with Sabbath Candles

Honor sacred traditions by lighting Candlelight Service Vigil Candles to usher in Shabbat. A pair of candles on the sill brings peace as you disconnect from devices and stresses of the week. Recite blessings over the candles as they inject a spiritual glow to your home. Our slim 4.25″ size makes them an ideal size for fitting on the Shabbat candle holders. Let the flickering flames spur reflection as you welcome the day of rest.

Long-Lasting Candles for Any Occasion

These clean-burning candles are perfect for religious events, community gatherings, family traditions and personal rituals. Each candle provides over 3 hours of gentle light once lit, so you can focus on the meaning of the moment instead of relighting candles. Constructed of wax and featuring cotton wicks, our vigil candles burn evenly from first flicker to final pool of wax. Sold in a pack of 250, these 4.25″ white candles will meet all your ceremonial lighting needs.

Order Today for Prompt Delivery Right to Your Door

Click Add to Cart now to have your pack of 250 Candlelight Service Vigil Candles shipped promptly to your home or organization. Their 4.25″ size makes them convenient to store and use as needed for memorials, worship services, holidays, Sabbath observance and more. Honor traditions, celebrate faith, and remember loved ones with these quality candles designed to provide tranquil lighting.


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Memorial Candles to Remember Those Who Have Passed”

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