Gabby’s Clubhouse Cardboard Character Cutouts – Bring Imagination To Life!



Bring the magical world of Gabby’s Dollhouse straight into your home with this fantastic Gabby’s Clubhouse Cardboard Character Cutouts 5-pack. Featuring Gabby, Mercat, Pandy Paws, Kitty Fairy, and Cakery Cat, these durable and vividly colored cardboard cutouts are the perfect way to immerse kids in creative pretend play.

At over 4 feet tall, these cardboard figures are sure to delight little ones, allowing them to interact with their favorite characters on a larger-than-life scale. Made from high-quality cardboard, the cutouts feature pre-scored fold lines for quick and easy assembly. Simply pop out the pieces, fold along the lines, and slot the tabs into place. In just minutes, you’ll have a colorful cast of characters ready for fun.

Designed to spark imagination and roleplaying, these cardboard figures encourage kids to act out scenes and stories with their favorite Gabby’s Dollhouse characters. Children can orchestrate their own Gabby’s Clubhouse adventures, likely filled with off-the-cuff magical moments, silly mishaps, and heart-warming resolutions. These pretend play escapades will enable your child’s creativity to shine.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! These durable and reusable cutouts can also be incorporated into all kinds of games and activities:

Use them as life-sized game pieces for Gabby’s Dollhouse-themed Twister, freeze dance, musical chairs, and more!

Incorporate them into arts and crafts as tracing templates or colorful background decorations.

Have an at-home photo shoot and capture some memorable pictures with the characters.

Thrill your child with an imaginative Gabby’s Dollhouse birthday party, using the cutouts for decorations, photo ops, and activities.

Let your child use the cutouts to retell favorite Gabby’s Dollhouse episodes or make up new exciting stories.

Organize a fun neighborhood scavenger hunt, hiding the cardboard characters around your home or yard for kids to find.

Simply let them unleash their creativity and see what kinds of adventures the characters will go on!

With so many possibilities, these cardboard cutouts are sure to provide endless hours of open-ended fun and laughter. Kids will be excited to have their beloved characters right there in the room with them, larger than life and ready for interactive storytelling and games.

High Quality Cardboard Construction Built To Last

Constructed from thick, premium cardboard, these cutouts are designed for durability and longevity. The sturdy material ensures the pieces will hold their shape nicely without becoming misshapen, even with enthusiastic play.

The cardboard is coated in a smooth, laminated finish that protects it from minor scuffs and scratches. Vibrant full-color printing brings each character to life in stunning detail. The cutouts can be easily wiped down and cleaned as needed.

Built to withstand repeated use, Gabby’s Clubhouse Cardboard Character Cutouts can be stored flat and reused for years of enjoyment. Keep them on hand for dress-up play, kids’ parties, school projects, and any time your child wants to bring the magic of Gabby’s world to life.

With care and proper storage, these cardboard play pals will provide lasting fun through childhood and beyond.

Easy Assembly In Just Minutes

Gabby’s Clubhouse Cardboard Character Cutouts arrive flat, with perforated edges and pre-scored fold lines that make assembly a breeze. Simply pop out the pieces, fold along the indented lines, and slide the tabs into the slots. In just minutes, you’ll have a freestanding cardboard character ready for play and display.

The creative cutout designs snap together securely while still being easy for little hands to assemble. And when playtime is over, the pieces fold back down flat for compact storage.

The included instructions provide clear visual diagrams that walk you step-by-step through the quick and intuitive assembly process. No special tools or complicated steps are required. Even preschoolers can help put the pieces together!

With such hassle-free setup, you can easily change up the decor or introduce new characters on a whim to match your child’s ever-changing interests. TheseGabby’s Clubhouse Cardboard Character Cutouts make it effortless to add an extra element of wonder and imagination to any space.

Liven Up Any Space With Vibrant Decor

Make pretend Gabby’s Clubhouse adventures even more magical by surrounding your child with customized themed decor. Use these cardboard cutouts as beautiful backdrops for an immersive playing area right in your home.

Place them against walls, furniture, or a playroom nook to build out your child’s own imaginative Gabby’s world. Have them greet your child in their bedroom each morning to encourage fun adventures all day long.

Lightweight and slim when folded, the cutouts can be tucked away out of sight in a closet or under beds when not in use. Then pull them back out anytime to instantly transform a space into a whimsical Gabby’s Clubhouse environment.

Trading cardboard for screens, these engaging cutouts promote healthy free play and creativity. Let your child’s imagination run free as Gabby, Pandy, and all their friends fuel endless stories and bonding playtime.

With their vibrant colors and lively character designs, Gabby’s Clubhouse Cardboard Character Cutouts make cheerful décor for bedrooms, playrooms, classrooms, and anywhere you want to add a pop of playful personality.

Endless Photo Opportunities

Capture cherished memories as your child plays with larger-than-life versions of their treasured Gabby’s Dollhouse characters. These detailed cardboard cutouts allow kids to get up close and personal with Gabby, Pandy, Mercat, and the whole crew – making them perfect photo op props!

Snap pictures as your child hugs, dances, and goofs around with the characters for keepsake shots you both will treasure for a lifetime. Move the cutouts into cute poses or let your child creatively arrange them for an impromptu photo shoot.

The vibrant full-color character designs photograph beautifully, ensuring your pictures will be eye-catching and fun to look back on. Your child can attach their favorite printed photos to journals, crafts, collages, and school projects for a personalized touch.

Capture your child’s milestone moments alongside their beloved Gabby’s Clubhouse pals. Use the cutouts at birthday parties and celebrations to add to the festive, memorable atmosphere. Or let your child stage imaginative Gabby’s Clubhouse scenes to photograph and share the whimsy with friends and family.

With so many possibilities for creative photography, Gabby’s Clubhouse Cardboard Character Cutouts will have your child eager to pose and snap pictures all day long!

Ideal For Parties, Events, and Everyday Play
The larger-than-life Gabby’s Clubhouse Cardboard Character Cutouts make a big visual impact wherever they go, instantly infusing any space with color, fun, and personality.

Incorporate them into kids’ birthday parties, play dates, and backyard gatherings to delight Gabby’s Dollhouse fans. Use them as décor in a Gabby’s Clubhouse-themed birthday bash, or let party guests pose and interact with the characters for memorable photos. The cardboard cutouts can even be used outdoors for neighborhood events and outdoor summer celebrations.

Beyond parties, keep the cutouts handy year-round for spur-of-the-moment playtime and kids’ activities. Homeschooling families can use them as visual aids for lessons on colors, shapes, vocabulary and more. Budding young writers will love crafting stories and comics featuring their favorite characters.

Daycares, preschools, and classrooms will appreciate having the cardboard cutouts on hand for arts and crafts, story time, and imaginative play centers. Children light up seeing their beloved TV friends “in person” and will be inspired to create stories and reenact scenes.

Versatile, durable, and reusable, these cardboard characters from Gabby’s Dollhouse can be incorporated into all types of events, activities, and everyday magical moments!

High Quality Manufacturing In The USA

Proudly made in America, these high quality Gabby’s Clubhouse Cardboard Character Cutouts are crafted to bring joy to children and Gabby’s Dollhouse fans for years to come.

Produced by a family-owned and operated small business based in Wisconsin, each set of cutouts is made with care, precision, and close attention to detail. Our manufacturing team hand assembles every order and double-checks our products to ensure they meet our strict quality standards.

By producing the cutouts locally, we are able to oversee and fine-tune every step of the manufacturing process. We take tremendous pride in creating products made to last that bring families together through imaginative play.

When you choose products made in the USA, you’re supporting talented American craftspeople as well as smaller businesses in your community. Your purchase allows us to continue doing what we love – creating whimsical products that inspire children’s creativity.

Bring Home The Magic Of Gabby’s Clubhouse

Spark imaginative stories and memories with these vibrant Gabby’s Clubhouse Cardboard Character Cutouts. With their larger-than-life designs and quality cardboard construction, these creative cutouts provide endless opportunities for pretend play, photo fun, parties, décor, and more!

Give your Gabby’s Dollhouse fan the experience of a lifetime by immersing them in their own real-life Gabby’s world. As your child plays out adventures, bonds with family and friends, and captures cherished memories, creativity and wonder will flourish. So bring home the magic today and let the fun begin!


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