Engineered Now The Original Headrest for The Herman Miller Aeron Chair – Support Your Posture and Productivity



The Herman Miller Aeron chair is one of the most iconic and comfortable desk chairs ever designed. But even this ergonomic marvel can be improved with the addition of a headrest for better neck support. That’s where the Engineered Now H3 headrest comes in.

Specifically designed for the Aeron chair, the H3 provides the neck support you’ve been missing. No more sore necks or headaches after long days hunched over your work. Just pure comfort and improved posture so you can stay focused.

Support Your Head, Neck, and Shoulders for Better Comfort

The H3 headrest matches your Aeron chair’s mesh and color perfectly while providing exceptional support. The free-tilt adjustment lets you dial in your ideal position, while the curved shape matches your neck contour. This takes the pressure off your upper back and shoulders.

The result is an instant upgrade to your sitting experience. No more slouching or straining to view your monitor. Just excellent lumbar support and improved alignment.

Stay in Your Optimal Ergonomic Posture

Poor posture can ruin your back, neck, and shoulders while decreasing your productivity. The H3 helps fix this. The forward and backward adjustments can be locked to keep your posture perfect. Set your position once and stay there pain-free for the entire day.

Having proper ergonomic support from your head to hips makes a huge difference in comfort. You’ll feel the improvement on day one. Within a week of use, your back and neck will thank you.

Free-Flowing yet Supportive Design

The H3 headrest matches the high quality and careful design of your Herman Miller chair. It looks and feels like an integrated part of your Aeron. The mesh back matches the chair’s seat and provides robust but flexible support.

Installation takes seconds with the included hardware. One person can attach and adjust the H3 easily, no tools required. The headrest attaches securely while preserving your chair’s recline function.

Choose Between Two Sizes for a Perfect Fit

The H3 headrest for Aeron comes in two sizes so you get an ideal fit:

Standard Size – Fits users up to 5’11”. Provides ergonomic neck support for the majority of people.
Large Size – Made for taller users 5’11” and above. Provides neck support for people with longer torsos.

Both sizes give you a custom fit. The height, depth, angle, and tilt all adjust to cradle your neck perfectly. Experience elite comfort no matter your height.

Designed Exclusively for the Aeron Chair

The H3 mounts to the Aeron’s PostureFit SL back support so it integrates seamlessly with your chair. The color, mesh style, and curves match the Aeron’s aesthetic perfectly.

The H3 comes in multiple colors to match your chair’s frame and mesh:

Classic Aeron – Zinc mesh with a Graphite frame
Modern Aeron – Carbon mesh with a Graphite or Mineral frame

This headset is only compatible with the Aeron chair. But it provides the ultimate accessory to maximize your chair’s comfort.

Our Promise – 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind the H3 headrest completely. Your purchase is backed by our two year manufacturer’s warranty. If you don’t love it within 30 days, return it for a full refund under Amazon’s A-to-Z guarantee.

We’ll even cover the return shipping cost. Try the H3 headrest risk-free today and experience the exceptional neck support you’ve been missing with your Aeron. Support your posture and stay comfortable throughout your entire workday. Your neck and back will thank you.


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