Engineered Now The Original Headrest for The Herman Miller Aeron Chair (H4 for Classic, Carbon)



Treat yourself to the ultimate upgrade for your Herman Miller Aeron chair with the Engineered Now H4 headrest in classic Carbon color. This ergonomic headrest provides the neck support your Aeron has been missing, helping you stay comfortable and productive throughout your workday.

Experience Ultimate Neck Support

The H4 headrest from Engineered Now is specifically designed for users 5’11” and taller. With its 20% larger pillow size compared to other headrests, the H4 provides ample support for your head, neck and upper back. The headrest is made of high-quality carbon fiber mesh that matches the look and feel of your classic Aeron chair.

Fits Your Chair Perfectly

This headrest comes in the Carbon colorway, seamlessly matching chairs from 2016 or older. The headrest integrates smoothly with the back of your chair thanks to Engineered Now’s meticulous design. No need for extra attachments or hardware. The H4 simply slides onto the top of your Aeron’s backrest, providing a natural-feeling extension for your head and neck.

Ergonomic Design Promotes Healthy Posture

Sitting for long periods without proper neck support can lead to strain, fatigue and poor posture. The H4 headrest allows you to maintain proper spinal alignment as you work. Its ergonomic structure cradles your head in a neutral position to alleviate strain. This helps you stay energized and focused on the task at hand.

Adjusts Easily for Your Ultimate Comfort

Finding your ideal position is easy with the H4’s flexible adjustment capabilities. The headrest tilts and moves vertically to provide a custom fit. For even more convenience, you can lock in your perfect forward and backward position. Experience ultimate comfort tailored to your needs and preferences.

High Quality Materials Built to Last

Constructed from durable carbon fiber mesh, the H4 headrest provides long-lasting performance. It retains its shape and spring after years of regular use. The breathable mesh material allows air to circulate, keeping you cool as you work.

Complements Your Work Environment

With its handsome carbon fiber aesthetic, the H4 headrest adds a touch of sophistication to your workspace. Its neutral color blends seamlessly into professional settings. The headrest complements the modern style of the Aeron chair, creating an attractive workspace designed to inspire productivity.

Increases Focus and Productivity

With its custom support and comfort, the H4 headrest enables you to concentrate fully on work. No more distractions from neck tension or fatigue. Just zone in on the project at hand, staying energized and productive. The H4 promotes healthy posture and comfort so you can excel at what matters most.

Backed by Our Guarantee

We stand behind the quality of our headrests with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. We guarantee the H4 will take your Aeron chair comfort to the next level or your money back. Count on the H4 headrest to provide the ultimate neck support and comfort upgrade.

Bring out the best in your iconic Herman Miller Aeron chair with the Engineered Now H4 headrest. Designed specifically for the Aeron, it provides ergonomic neck support to keep you comfortable and focused all workday long. Experience the headrest experts trust to take their Aeron comfort to the next level.


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