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Do you own the iconic Herman Miller Aeron chair? As brilliantly engineered as it is, the Aeron lacks a headrest which can lead to neck pain and stiffness after long hours in the chair. Thankfully, the solution is here with the Engineered Now Aeron Headrest!

This headrest is specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing Aeron chair. It attaches easily and adds much needed ergonomic support for your head, neck and upper back. The result is enhanced comfort during long work days and reduced strain on your muscles.

Customized Support and Adjustability

Built to match the Aeron’s personalized fit and adjustability, this headrest moves with you. The articulating arm allows you to adjust the headrest’s height, depth, angle and swivel to meet your needs. Set it in place and enjoy tailored support right where you need it most.

The headrest is generously padded with breathable mesh fabric. It feels great against your head and mimics the comfort you’ve come to love from your Aeron chair. The mesh material also prevents heat and sweat buildup, keeping you cool and focused.

Easy DIY Installation

Installing this headrest couldn’t be simpler. Just insert the support post into the hole at the top of your Aeron’s backrest until it clicks into place securely. The process takes only seconds and requires no special tools or hardware.

The headrest attaches and detaches easily as needed. Take it off if others will be sharing your chair throughout the day. Or leave it on permanently to elevate your chair’s ergonomics full-time.

Engineered for Reliability

Like the rest of your Aeron chair, this headrest is constructed from top-notch materials to deliver lasting performance. The aluminum support arm provides strength and flexibility right where you need it.

High quality components are used throughout, so you can expect years of reliable service. The headrest smoothly holds its position and stands up well to regular adjustments.

Compatible With All Aeron Chair Sizes

No matter if you have the Aeron in small, medium or large size, this headrest is guaranteed to fit. It attaches securely and functions flawlessly on any Aeron chair, old or new.

One size headrest with adjustable arm fits all Aeron chair sizes and models including:

  • Classic Aeron
  • Remastered Aeron
  • Carbon Edition
  • Gaming Edition

Experience the advanced ergonomic support you’ve been missing! Order the Engineered Now headrest for Aeron today.


  • Adds customizable head, neck and upper back support
  • Integrates seamlessly with all Aeron chair sizes
  • Breathable mesh fabric prevents heat buildup
  • Adjustable height, angle, depth and swivel
  • Easy DIY installation – no tools required
  • Durable aluminum support arm
  • Designed specifically for the Aeron chair

Let me know if you would like me to modify or expand this product description further. I aimed for creative and professional writing while highlighting the key features and benefits of the headrest.


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