Elevate Your Space with the COVLON Drink Table



The COVLON Drink Table effortlessly combines modern style with vintage charm to create a functional accent piece that works in any space. With its round carved wooden tabletop, weighted pedestal base, and gold and black color scheme, this martini table adds a touch of elegance to your living room, bedroom, or entryway.

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COVLON Pedestal Table with Carved Wood Top, Gold and Black Martini Table for Small Spaces

Make a Design Statement

The COVLON drink table features a hand-carved tabletop made from sturdy wood with an elegant floral medallion motif at the center. The carving adds visual interest and gives this table a more upscale, sophisticated look compared to a plain round table. The tabletop’s black finish contrasts beautifully with the pedestal’s metallic gold powder coating. Place this table next to a chair, sofa, or bed to create a polished vignette. The gold and black color palette works well with both bold, vibrant decor and more neutral palettes.

Weighted Base for Sturdiness

The pedestal base has a weighted bottom for maximum stability. No need to worry about this table tipping over if someone leans on it or accidentally bumps into it. The wide pedestal provides a generous surface area for resting drinks, remotes, books, decor, and more. Made from thick steel pipes that are powder coated for durability, the base is built to last for years to come.

Perfect Size for Small Spaces

Measuring just 10.25 inches wide and 24 inches high, this pedestal table is specifically designed for smaller spaces. The compact footprint allows it to squeeze into narrow spots and tight areas. Use it next to a chair or sofa so drinks and snacks are always within arm’s reach. The small table is easy to maneuver, so you can move it around to wherever you need an extra surface. Great for studio apartments, dorm rooms, RVs, cabins, condos, and other compact living areas.

Quick and Easy Assembly

Putting this table together takes just minutes, no tools required. It ships as 3 separate pieces – the wooden tabletop, pedestal base, and connecting rod. Simply insert the connecting rod into the base, place the tabletop on top, and you’re done! Detailed instructions are included for easy assembly. All necessary hardware comes packed in the box.

Multifunctional Design

This is far more than just a drink table. Use it in any room as a chic side table to hold lamps, books, plants, framed photos, and more. The tabletop provides a perfect platform for displaying cherished decor. Or stage the table beside your sofa or armchair and use it as a convenient end table. Set out a decorative tray to corral remote controls, coasters, candles, and other essentials. In the bathroom, position it near the tub to hold bath salts, scrubs, oils, and a glass of wine for the ultimate soak.

Enjoy Drinks in Style

While this table works beautifully as a decorative accent, it really shines when used as a bar table or drink stand. The round pedestal design provides easy access from any angle, so guests can approach and grab their cocktails with no hassle. Entertain in style by setting up appetizers and mixed drinks atop the table. Pull two or three of these martini tables together to create a fun cocktail party station. The weighted base prevents spills and upsets. After guests go home, keep it stationed beside your favorite armchair or sofa for TV nights.

Design the Area of Your Dreams

This small accent table blends into a variety of decors with ease. Here are some stylish ways to incorporate it into your space:

Living Room – Set beside a chair or sofa to hold books, remotes, drinks, and more. Stage on both sides of your couch to create symmetry.
Bedroom – Use as a chic nightstand alternative. Set an alarm clock and bedside lamp on the tabletop.
Entryway – Place near the front door to hold keys, mail, sunglasses, and other items.
Bathroom – Display bath accessories like candles, flowers, towels, and glassware.
Patio – Pull up to outdoor seating areas and load with sunscreen, drinks, and small plates.
Office – Sit beside your work desk to hold notebooks, cups, office supplies, and decor.
Dorm Room – Maximize space in cramped dorms. Set up as a study table or use for displaying photos.

Quality Materials Built to Last

Handcrafted from quality materials like solid wood, steel, and iron, the COVLON Drink Table is made to withstand daily use and still look beautiful for years. The wooden tabletop does not warp or crack over time. All materials resist rust, corrosion, and peeling. Designed to be a long-lasting functional accent, perfect for busy homes with kids and pets.

Bring effortless style into your home with the COVLON Drink Table. Its versatility allows it to adapt to any decor or setting, while the carved detailing and vintage pedestal base add a hint of sophistication. Place this elegant martini table in your living room, entryway, bedroom, patio, or any spot that needs a touch of function and flair!


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