Elevate Your Home Entertainment Setup with This Modern and Minimalist DVD Wall Mount Shelf



Entertain in style with the DAWASAPAT DVD Wall Mount Shelf, the sleek and modern solution for displaying and organizing your audio/visual equipment. This streamlined floating entertainment center shelf will elevate the look of any room while keeping your devices tidy and accessible.

Upgraded Design Blends Form and Function

An upgrade from traditional media console units, this wall-mounted shelf combines beautiful minimalist aesthetics with versatile functionality. The arc edge tempered glass and matte black aluminum finish create a contemporary style that matches any decor.

Engineered for strength and durability, the 5mm thick tempered glass easily supports up to 20.05 lbs while the sturdy aluminum frame ensures stable and secure mounting. Smooth rounded corners and edges give this shelf its polished modern look.

Convenient Multimedia Storage

Designed to store a range of A/V components, this shelf keeps your entire home entertainment setup organized in one place. The generous 14.2 x 9.8 inch tempered glass shelf accommodates cable boxes, streaming devices, game consoles, DVD/Blu-ray players, stereo receivers, and more.

Mounted on the wall, this shelf clears table and floor space for a cleaner, decluttered look. The open design also improves device airflow and cooling compared to enclosed cabinets.

Built for Any Room in Your Home

With its understated yet sophisticated style, this wall-mounted media shelf integrates seamlessly into living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and other spaces. The shelf mounts securely to studs in drywall, brick, and concrete walls.

Place under your wall-mounted flat screen TV for a coordinated look. Or mount it elsewhere in the room as a space-saving standalone storage solution. Wherever it’s located, the shelf always appears neat and integrated.

Clever Cable Management for Clutter-Free Setup

Keep cords organized and out of sight with the built-in cable management feature. Route cables and wires through the opening in the back of the center aluminum plate. This keeps connections tidy and reduces dangling clutter around your devices.

Adjustable Mounting Offers Flexible Positioning

Find the optimal positioning for your setup with the adjustable height mounting brackets. Each shelf easily slides up and down the wall plate for precision placement. Mount at your preferred height to suit TVs, equipment, and furniture of different sizes and configurations.

Quick and Simple Installation

With just a few tools and the included hardware, installation of this shelf is straightforward. The mount is compatible with 16-inch wall studs and masonry anchors for brick and concrete.

Detailed instructions walk through each step of the tool-free assembly. In less than an hour, you can have this shelf hooked up and ready to store your devices.

Premium Materials for Years of Use

Constructed from quality materials like thick tempered glass and aluminum, this shelf is built to last. The strengthened glass is over 5 times stronger than standard glass and resists scratches and cracks.

The anodized aluminum frame maintains its sleek black finish for years while providing rigidity and weight capacity. Built to handle everyday use and frequent repositioning, this shelf will look great for years to come.

Compatible with Most TVs and Media Players

From smart TVs and projectors to Blu-ray and DVD players, this shelf accommodates virtually any audio/video equipment. The 14.2 x 9.8 inch tempered glass shelf provides ample space for multiple components.

With a 20 lb weight capacity, the shelf easily handles heavier cable boxes, receivers, and game systems. Adjustable height and mounting versatility allow you to set up this shelf to work with your specific devices.

Modernize Your Entertainment Center

Ditch the outdated TV stand and upgrade to this contemporary DVD wall mount shelf that stores your gear in a clean and minimalist way. This shelf perfectly matches the pared-down aesthetic of flat panel smart TVs.

With strengthened tempered glass, sturdy aluminum frame, smooth cable management, and adjustable mounting, the DAWASAPAT shelf is built better to last longer while organizing your home entertainment center. Experience the convenience of off-the-floor media storage with a sleek and functional design.


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