Doyingus Sleek and Compact Bathroom Trash Can – Soft-Close Lid and Easy Foot Pedal Operation for Quiet and Convenient Use



Tidy up your bathroom, bedroom, office or any small space with the Doyingus sleek and compact bathroom trash can. This smartly designed 1.6 gallon trash can has a soft-close lid that prevents noisy slamming and disturbing others. The easy foot pedal operation opens the lid smoothly and quietly for convenient and hygienic no-touch use.

Soft-Close Lid Prevents Noisy Slamming

The Doyingus bathroom trash can features an innovative soft-close lid that uses damper slowdown technology. When you lightly tap the lid closed, the damper engages to slowly and quietly lower the lid into place without slamming. No more irritating noisy closures to disturb your family or co-workers!

Convenient Foot Pedal Opens Lid Hands-Free

The sturdy steel pedal provides hands-free, hygienic opening of the trash can lid. Just tap the pedal lightly with your foot to smoothly and quietly open the lid. Closing the lid is just as easy with a light tap. The steel pedal is durable for long-lasting use.

Sleek and Compact Size Fits Tight Spaces

Measuring just 11.5 x 5.9 x 12 inches, this small stainless steel trash can is perfectly sized for tight spaces like the bathroom, bedroom, dorm room, RV, office, craft room and more. The rectangular shape allows convenient placement next to a toilet, under a desk, beside a sofa or any narrow area.

Removable Inner Bucket for Quick and Simple Emptying

The Doyingus trash can features a durable plastic inner bucket that lifts out for quick and easy garbage disposal. Simply lift out the bucket, dispose of the waste, and rinse or wipe clean as needed. The removable bucket adds convenience when taking out the trash.

Fingerprint-Resistant Matte Finish

The sleek stainless steel body is specially coated with a matte finish that resists fingerprints and smudges. Even with frequent handling and use, the trash can maintains a clean, polished look. Just wipe with a damp cloth to keep it looking new.

Innovative Lid Stays Open for Convenient Use

Tired of constantly stepping on the pedal while doing tasks that generate trash? This clever trash can has a lid that can stay open! Just open the lid fully and push it back to a vertical position. The lid will lock in place, allowing convenient hands-free use.

Durable and Rust-Resistant Stainless Steel

Constructed from sturdy stainless steel with a reinforced base, this trash can is made to last. The steel resists dents, cracks, chips and rust. Though lightweight, the steel body provides durability and stability.

Perfect Size for Bathrooms and Other Tight Spaces

With a capacity of 1.6 gallons or 6 liters, the compact Doyingus trash can is ideal for bathrooms, powder rooms, offices, craft nooks, kitchens, dorms, RVs and other limited spaces. The rectangular shape fits neatly beside toilets, under desks and in other out-of-the-way spots.

Keeps Bathroom and Bedroom Clutter-Free

Keep your private spaces clean and clutter-free with this well-designed bathroom trash can. In the bedroom, use it to dispose of tissues, receipts and other odds and ends. In the bathroom, it corrals used cotton balls, Q-tips, product packaging and more.

Contemporary Style Matches Modern Decor

With its brushed stainless steel body and clean lines, this trash can has a contemporary look that suits modern, minimalist and industrial decor styles. The neutral metallic color coordinates with any color scheme. It looks sleek in the bathroom, kitchen, office or utility area.

Gives Craft and Home Office Areas a Tidy Workspace

Crafters and home office workers will appreciate having this small trash can nearby to contain scraps, trash and other debris. Keep your workspace organized and focused by quickly tossing refuse into the convenient receptacle.

Fits Discreetly in the Corner Next to Your Desk

At home or in a shared work office, this compact trash can tucks out of the way under or beside a desk, cabinet or table. Discretely dispose of gum wrappers, sticky notes, pens and other desk debris without attracting attention.

Ideal for Containing RV, Dorm and Kid Debris

College kids, RVers and parents alike will find dozens of uses for this versatile stainless steel trash can. Use it to collect food wrappers, tissue paper, packaging materials and other flotsam from daily activities in tight living quarters.

Contains Kid’s Art Supplies and Play Area Messes

Activity debris seems to spread everywhere when kids create art projects and play. This small trash receptacle helps confine the mess to keep your living space livable. Let the kids use it for tissue paper, pom poms, stickers and more.

Catches Pet fur and Litter Wherever You Need It

Pets spread stray fur and litter in every room. Keep the litter box area tidy by placing this small trash can nearby. Use it in pet lounging areas to catch shed fur. The foot pedal is easy for pets to step on and open!

Diaper Pail Alternative for Any Room

Tired of hauling stinky diaper pails from room to room? Use this handy stainless steel trash can instead. The foot pedal opens hands-free when you have baby in arm. The removable inner bucket lifts out easily for dumping and rinsing.

Pick Up Popcorn Messes While Family Movie Night Continues

Kids love popcorn on family movie nights, but the fluffy kernels go everywhere! This soft-close trash can allows quiet clean up so you can sweep up spills without disrupting the movie viewing experience.

So for easy, quiet and convenient trash management in tight home and office spaces, choose the Doyingus sleek and compact bathroom trash can. The innovative soft-close lid, stainless steel body, foot pedal operation and removable bucket offer superior function and value. Order yours today!


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