Dotbengc Essential Mini Desk Trash Can – Your Discreet Desktop Wastebasket Solution



Tidy up your personal spaces with the Dotbengc Essential Mini Desk Trash Can, the convenient and discreet wastebasket that clears clutter without taking up valuable room. This compact trash receptacle is thoughtfully designed to fit anywhere space is at a premium.

An Essential Accessory for Any Room

Keep your bathroom, bedroom, office, kitchen, and other rooms neat with this versatile mini trash can. At just 7.5 inches tall and 5 inches wide, this wastebasket easily tucks away under counters, desks, vanities, and more. The swing-top lid opens silently with a gentle push to discreetly discard trash and close odors inside.

Value-Packed Set Includes 90 Trash Bags

This mini trash can set provides excellent value with 90 disposable trash bags included. Each bag measures 11 x 13 inches to properly fit the bin. The bags make trash removal clean and hassle-free. Just tie off full bags and pop in a fresh one.

Durable Construction Built to Last

Constructed from thick, sturdy plastic, this small trash can is made to handle daily use. The smooth, non-porous surface resists stains and odors. It won’t crack, peel, or lose its shape over time. Built to endure years of service, this wastebasket will maintain its neat, compact appearance.

Discreet Size Fits Anywhere

At just 13 cm wide x 19 cm high, this mini trash receptacle is perfectly sized for tucking beside chairs, underneath sinks, next to nightstands, and anywhere space is limited. The compact profile slides easily into corners, narrow cabinets, and other tight spots where a full-size wastebasket just won’t fit.

Odor-Blocking Lid Contains Messes

The swing-top lid opens and closes silently with a gentle push to contain odors and messes inside. Closing the lid neatly conceals waste and seals in smells. Discard trash discretely without disturbing those around you.

Contemporary Style Accents Any Décor

With its clean, rounded silhouette, this modern mini trash can complements any style – from farmhouse to mid-century to industrial. The neutral gray color blends seamlessly into any color palette and decor. It accentuates without drawing attention.

Lightweight Design Goes Anywhere

The lightweight plastic construction makes this wastebasket easy to carry one-handed and move from room to room as needed. Save space in a cramped bathroom by stowing it away under the sink when not in use. Its portability also makes it ideal for using in a home office, dorm room, RV, camper, and more.

Keeps Personal Spaces Neat & Tidy

Declutter desks, vanities, and other private spaces by providing a designated receptacle for trash. Keep frequently used rooms clean with a spot to discard bits of paper, food wrappers, beauty product packaging, and other small trash items.

Contain Kitchen Food Prep Mess

Place this small wastebasket on kitchen countertops to sweep food scraps and prep waste into while cooking. Use it when prepping lunches and snacks to reduce mess. The swing-top lid keeps odors contained.

Designed for Maximum Convenience

Everything about this personal mini trash can is optimized for convenience. The compact size fits anywhere, the swing-top opens easily, the smooth plastic walls resist odors and dirt, and the included liner bags make waste removal fast and easy.

Rest Assured With Our Guarantee

We stand behind the quality of our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We want you to be completely happy with your purchase. Contact us with any issues or concerns and we will make it right. Add this indispensable mini trash can to your cart today!


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