DISCSOX HIDEF Archival Grade Polypropylene Blu-ray Disc Sleeves – 25 Pack



Protect Your Blu-ray and HD-DVD Collection with DISCSOX HIDEF Archival Grade Polypropylene Disc Sleeves.

Archive Quality Protection for Your Valuable Discs

As a dedicated movie collector, you know the importance of properly storing and protecting your Blu-ray and HD-DVD disc collection. DISCSOX HIDEF sleeves are specially designed to prevent scratches, fingerprints, and other damage that can ruin your irreplaceable discs and lead to playback issues.

Constructed from 100% polypropylene, these archival grade sleeves provide unparalleled protection compared to paper or plastic sleeves. The inert polypropylene material is pH neutral and free of plasticizers, so it will not react with disc lacquers or leach chemicals over time. This chemically stable construction ensures your discs will be preserved in like-new condition for decades to come.

Superior Clarity for Checking Discs

Checking your discs for damage is easy with DISCSOX’s crystal clear polypropylene material. The transparent sleeves allow you to visually inspect both sides of the disc without removing it from the sleeve. You can easily spot any scratches or scuffs through the sleeve and re-sleeve any damaged discs for added protection.

Snug Fit Prevents Scratching

DISCSOX sleeves feature side pockets designed to gently grip the disc for a tight, secure fit. This prevents the disc from slipping out and rubbing against the sleeve, eliminating scratches and other damage that loose sleeves can cause. Once inserted, your disc will stay put.

Dual Layer Protection

Each DISCSOX HIDEF sleeve features an innovative dual layer design that protects both sides of the first disc, as well as the playing surface of the second disc. The second disc slots into the back side of the sleeve, keeping its data side safely separated from the first disc. This provides full coverage for both discs in a space-efficient 2-disc sleeve.

Handles Like a Book for Easy Filing

The integrated polypropylene fabric allows DISCSOX sleeves to fold and handle like a book. This makes organizing and filing your Blu-ray or HD-DVD collection a breeze. The sleeves stand upright on bookstore-style shelves for handy browsing, while offering the same protection as boxed sets at a fraction of the space.

Easily sort and file your movies just like your book library for quick access to your entire collection. DISCSOX sleeves let you ditch the bulky boxes and keep your shelf space focused on the discs.

Fits Blu-ray and HD-DVD Cases

In addition to holding discs, DISCSOX HIDEF sleeves are sized to accommodate standard Blu-ray and HD-DVD cases. Slip the original plastic case inside the sleeve to keep cover art, episode guides and other inserts preserved and protected. The sleeves work like book covers to consolidate all your disc contents in one safe, organized place.

100% Polypropylene Construction

Chemically inert and pH neutral to prevent reactions with disc lacquers
Contains no plasticizers that could leach out over time
Provides protection against acids, grease, oils and other agents
Withstands temperatures from -20°F to 180°F
Crystal Clear Optical Grade Polypropylene

Allows easy visual inspection of discs
High light transmittance shows off label art
Thermoplastic material allows sleeves to be recycled
Dual Side Pockets

Gently grip discs to prevent slipping and scratching
Separates data sides to eliminate disc-to-disc damage
Integrated polypropylene fabric connects pockets for book-like handling
Archival Quality for Long-Term Preservation

Meets preservation standards for libraries and archives
Provides decades of protection when stored correctly
Recommended for permanent storage of discs
DISCSOX HIDEF sets the new standard for Blu-ray, HD-DVD and CD protection. The chemically stable sleeves are perfect for building and showcasing your personal movie library. Pick up a pack and keep your irreplaceable discs in like-new condition for years to come!


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