DiscSox CD Pro Sleeves – 25 Pack – Archival Quality Polypropylene CD Storage



Keep your CDs safe and protected with the DiscSox CD Pro Sleeves 25 pack. These high quality polypropylene sleeves are designed to preserve and extend the life of your CDs while keeping them looking great.

The DiscSox sleeves are made from archival grade polypropylene plastic which is engineered for long term storage and protection. Polypropylene is an inert plastic that will not damage or interact chemically with the data layer of CDs over time. It also provides a hard, rigid surface to prevent scratches or dents during storage and handling.

Compared to other plastics used for CD storage like PVC, polypropylene is much more chemically stable and has a wide temperature tolerance. PVC sleeving can actually damage CDs over time as the sleeves degrade and off-gas chemicals. The archival-grade polypropylene used in the DiscSox sleeves is designed for permanent storage in archives and libraries.

The sleeves have a transparent matte finish that optimizes visibility while preventing surface reflections and glare. This allows you to easily browse and identify CDs in storage. Unlike glossy or semi-gloss sleeves, the matte polypropylene will not stick together so CDs can be easily removed without hassle.

The two layer polypropylene construction provides scratch and impact protection for both sides of the stored CD. There is a pocket for the front side of one CD, and the back side of a second CD rests against the back of the sleeve. This protects both disc surfaces from getting damaged during storage and handling.

With dimensions of 4.72 x 4.72 inches, these sleeves are sized to fit standard 5 inch CD jewel cases. They work great to replace cracked or broken jewel cases while still protecting the original artwork. Just insert the CD booklet and tray into the sleeve.

The sleeves overlap when stacked to fully enclose the CDs inside. This prevents dust and dirt from getting inside the sleeves over time. The polypropylene material also provides an excellent moisture and water barrier to keep your discs dry.

The 25 pack allows you to safely store 25 CDs in archival conditions for preserving your collection. The sleeves are crystal clear so the CD label and any artwork is easily visible while stored inside. Keep your music, movies, software discs and more in pristine condition for years to come.


  • Made from archival grade polypropylene plastic designed for long term CD storage
  • Chemically inert sleeves will not damage delicate CD data layer
  • Provides rigid support to protect from scratches and dents
  • Transparent matte finish prevents surface sticking and glare
  • Two layered construction protects both sides of discs
  • Fits standard 5 inch CD jewel cases
  • Overlapping design prevents dust and dirt from entering
  • Moisture barrier keeps discs dry
  • 25 pack allows storage for 25 CDs
  • Crystal clear material shows off disc labels and artwork

Keep your valuable CD collection safe for years to come with the DiscSox CD Pro Sleeves. The high quality archival grade polypropylene plastic preserves your discs while the two layered scratch-proofing protects from damage during handling and storage. Crystal clear sleeves make browsing easy while keeping dirt, dust and moisture away from your discs.

Pick up a pack and keep your CDs in pristine condition for enjoyment now and long into the future!


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