Discover Scents That Transport You with this Luxurious Candle Set



Introducing the Boy Smells Votive Candle Set – A Trio of Transcendent Aromas in Miniature

This enchanting set of three votive candles offers an indulgent olfactory escape in a petite package. Each candle provides approximately 18 hours of pure aromatic bliss with clean-burning coconut and beeswax formulations.

The alluring fragrances evoke intimate atmospheres and cherished memories to create mindful, meditative moments. Curl up with a book and delight in the earthy Cedar Stack. Prepare for restful sleep with the soothing Hinoki Fantôme. Feel uplifted and invigorated with the bright St. Al.

With each flicker of the flame, let the transportive scents carry you away to somewhere special.

Cedar Stack – A Forest Escapade

The Cedar Stack candle envelops you in the crisp, verdant freshness of the great outdoors. Earthy juniper berries mingle with resinous labdanum and sensual cedarwood to conjure the essence of a peaceful forest retreat.

Bask in the restorative energy of nature as spicy juniper and balsamic labdanum wrapped in the warm, familiar embrace of sun-kissed cedarwood. Feel the stress and worries of the day slip away with every breath of this serene woodland wonder.

Hinoki Fantôme – A Temple of Tranquility

In the Hinoki Fantôme candle, the sacred hinoki tree releases its meditation-inducing aroma. Exotic cardamom and smoky resins create a mystical atmospheric aura.

Inhale deeply and let the earthy, mossy fragrance transport you to a temple nestled high in the mountains. Hear the distant bells chime in the breeze as clouds of heady incense carry your consciousness to a higher plane.

This candle’s zen-inspiring scent promotes deep relaxation and sublime serenity.

St. Al – An Uplifting Aroma

The bright and spirited St. Al candle imparts optimism and cheers the soul. Sandalwood lends its creamy, welcoming warmth while the freshness of clay and spicy clove flower lend a crisp, confidence-boosting vibrancy.

Light this candle when you need a motivating lift or before a big event when you want to feel capable and self-assured. Its positive, energizing aroma will get you ready to take on any challenge with gusto and grace.

A Luxurious Gift for Candle Connoisseurs

Housed in sleek black tumblers with decorative gloss finishes, this votive candle set makes an indulgent gift for scent aficionados. The candles are beautifully packaged in a matte black gift box with contrasting pink accents and sleeve.

Thoughtfully formulated with care using phthalate-free, sulfate-free and paraben-free ingredients, these mini votives make a meaningful present for those who value premium home fragrance.

Give the gift of elevated ambiance and watch loved ones delight as these hand-poured artisanal candles infuse their spaces with moments of comfort, calm or cheer.

Take Your Senses on a Journey with Boy Smells Candles

Experience signature scents from Boy Smells, the trendsetting fragrance brand that transcends binary conventions. Their imaginative aromas go beyond gender norms to offer distinctive, design-forward formulations that appeal to all.

Made ethically in Los Angeles, California, each sumptuous candle contains a proprietary coconut and beeswax blend that provides a clean, even burn. The lead-free braided cotton wicks are sustainably sourced and will not release soot or smoke when trimmed as directed.

Treat yourself or someone special to these petit yet powerful votive candles. Let these sublime scents transport you with each moment you steal for mindful self-care. Because you deserve to feel just as amazing as you smell.


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