Discover a New View with the Cavoli Hardwire LED Lighted Wall Mount Gold Makeup Mirror with 10x Magnification



Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but with the Cavoli Hardwire LED Lighted Wall Mount Gold Makeup Mirror, you’ll be able to behold every detail and see your true beauty shine. This innovative 10x magnification mirror provides two views – standard 1x magnification for an unfiltered look and 10x magnification to focus on precise application and grooming. The dual views empower you to achieve flawless makeup application, intricate styling, and precise grooming for a polished look.

See Every Detail with Crystal Clarity

The Cavoli mirror features a generous 13 inch viewing area with distortion-free reflective glass that provides true color representation without warping. The 10x magnification side acts like a portable lighted makeup studio, allowing you to zoom in on every lash and line for precise, professional results at home. Define eyebrows with hair-like strokes, achieve sharp cat eye flicks, and apply smooth blended eyeshadow with total control. Extend the fully adjustable 13 inch arm to position the mirror exactly where you need it, then rotate and tilt to find the perfect angle.

Brighten and Enlighten Your Beauty Routine

Never struggle to see in poor lighting again! The Cavoli mirror has an integrated LED light bar with 50 brilliant bulbs to illuminate your face with a radiant studio glow. Choose from three color modes to find your ideal lighting. The natural daylight setting mimics natural sun to see colors accurately. Warm yellow provides a soft glam glow for evening. Cool light adds a bright and refreshing revitalizing effect. With three brightness levels, adjust the vanity mirror lighting to suit your mood and complement your complexion.

Sleek Style Meets Smart Design

This lighted makeup mirror blends right into contemporary bathrooms and bedrooms with its minimalist round shape and thin profile. Choose classic black or modern white to match your existing decor. The lightweight but sturdy solid brass frame looks luxe and is built to last. Installation is simple with included hardware and step by step instructions. Just connect the integrated power cord directly to your wall outlet to power the LED lights. This safe hardwired design eliminates clumsy cords and plugs by the sink.

Your Beauty Routine Just Got an Upgrade

Take your makeup application, hair styling, and grooming to the next level with the power of 10x magnification. See every pore, lash, and fine detail so you can look flawless in any light. Discover what you’ve been missing with the Cavoli Hardwire LED Lighted Wall Mount Gold Makeup Mirror. Love your true reflection!

Product Features:

Dual Side Mirror: Standard 1x magnification for regular routine, 10x magnification zone for precision grooming
3 Color Temperature LED Lights: Natural daylight, warm yellow, and cool light options
Light Dimmer: Adjustable 3-level brightness settings for ideal illumination
13” Viewing Area: Distortion-free true reflection and generous size for head-to-toe viewing
Extendable Arm: Fully adjustable 13” arm extends, tilts, and rotates for ideal positioning
Hardwired Design: Integrated power cord connects directly to wall outlet for clean look
Premium Solid Brass: Sleek and sturdy metal frame made to last with quality craftsmanship
Modern Round Shape: Slim profile blends into contemporary bathrooms and bedrooms
Easy Installation: Complete hardware kit and step by step instructions included for DIY
LED Lifespan: Long-lasting bulbs provide over 50,000 hours of use
1 Year Warranty: Guaranteed quality and performance
See Every Detail and Discover Your True Beauty

The Cavoli Hardwire LED Lighted Wall Mount Gold Makeup Mirror elevates your beauty routine with studio-quality magnification and lighting. Dual 1x/10x views allow you to perfect makeup, groom facial hair, tweeze brows, and evaluate skin care with precision. Bright adjustable LEDs create perfect lighting. An extendable arm provides customized positioning. Sleek minimalist design and easy installation let this upscale mirror fit right into your modern space. With Cavoli, you’ll see your beauty in a whole new light!


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