Dimmable Anti-Fog LED Bathroom Mirror with 3 Color Temps



Tired of bathroom mirrors that fog up when you take a hot shower? Introducing the revolutionary new Dimmable Anti-Fog LED Bathroom Mirror from BuLife that allows you to see your flawless reflection with perfect clarity, no matter how steamy your bathroom gets. This smart mirror has an anti-fog feature that prevents condensation buildup so you can check your hair and makeup even after a long, indulgent soak in the tub.

Unlike ordinary mirrors that require wiping down constantly to clear away fog and water droplets, the Dimmable Anti-Fog LED Bathroom Mirror stays crystal clear thanks to an integrated defogger function. With the touch of a button, this high-tech mirror automatically activates advanced heating technology that evaporates moisture on contact, keeping the surface fog-free. The defogger runs for 1 hour before automatically shutting off, so you never have to worry about leaving it on accidentally.

See Yourself in the Best Light

In addition to banishing fog, this LED mirror allows you to adjust both the color temperature and brightness to create the perfect lighting for makeup application, shaving, or just checking yourself out. With a simple touch of the intuitive controls, you can easily switch between three customizable color temperatures – warm 3000K, natural 4500K, and bright, energizing 6000K lighting. The dimmable LEDs reach an impressive 6000K brightness at full power, rivaling the illuminating capability of professional lighted makeup mirrors.

Whether you prefer the warm glow of incandescent lighting or the clean crispness of daylight, this smart mirror makes it easy to set the mood. The LED lighting color and brightness levels are stored in memory, so the mirror recall your preferred settings each time you turn it on. No more fumbling around trying to find the right balance of lighting when you are rushing to get ready in the morning.

Sleek, Safe, and Waterproof

Crafted with a high quality 4mm thick silver mirror, the reflective surface is crystal clear, distortion-free, and highly durable. A clever rounded design and shatter-proof construction ensure this mirror is safe to mount, even in family-filled homes. The LED lighting is integrated seamlessly into the sleek frame for a modern, minimalist look.

With an IP44 waterproof rating and UL certification, you can install this mirror anywhere in the bathroom with total confidence. The moisture-sealed LEDs and anti-fog technology allow the mirror to withstand high humidity and direct splashes without damage, making it the perfect choice for damp areas like above the shower or tub. No need to worry about water leaks or electric shocks – this mirror is made to handle the steamy environment with ease.

Easy Installation

This LED bathroom mirror comes packed with all the hardware needed for a quick, simple installation. It comes with two hanging methods: plug-in or hardwired. For plug-in, simply connect the included 63-inch power cord to any standard outlet. Want to connect it directly to the lighting circuit? This mirror comes ready for hardwire installation with the necessary components included. Detailed instructions walk you through the entire process, making DIY mounting a breeze.

With customizable lighting, built-in defogging, and easy installation, this dimmable anti-fog mirror is the perfect way take your bathroom from dreary to 5-star hotel luxury. No more futzing with ineffective defog sprays or constantly wiping down your mirror after a shower. This smart mirror does all the work for you! Just turn it on, select your ideal lighting color and brightness, and enjoy a reliably clear reflection anytime. It makes a fantastic upgrade for your existing bath or vanity lighting and ensures your morning routine is frustration-free.

Take your bathroom experience to the next level and order the Dimmable Anti-Fog LED Bathroom Mirror today! Your clear, flawless reflections await.


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