DESIGNA Mesh Metal Wastebaskets – Stylish and Durable Small Trash Cans for Home or Office



Keep your space clean and clutter-free with the DESIGNA Mesh Metal Wastebaskets. This set of 6 small black trash cans are the perfect size for tucking beside a desk, in a bathroom, or anywhere you need a handy little garbage bin.

Durable Steel Construction

Built to last, these wastebaskets are crafted from quality steel with a reinforced rim and base. The black epoxy powder-coated finish resists corrosion and scratches, so these trash cans will maintain their good looks even with heavy use.

Large, Tapered Shape

Shaped with a wide 11-11/16 inch top opening that tapers down to a 9 inch base, it’s easy to sweep trash right into these cans without having to precision-aim. The tapered design also helps keep trash and garbage bags from falling or getting stuck inside.

Ventilation Keeps Odors Away

Small trash cans can get stinky fast, but not these mesh metal baskets! The wire mesh sides allow air to flow through freely, preventing moist trash from getting swampy and preventing smells from being trapped inside.

Steady and Sturdy

Built with a flat, weighted bottom, these wastebaskets stand sturdy instead of wobbling or tipping over easily. The bottom is even outfitted with non-slip pads to prevent sliding around on smooth floors.

Compact Size for Any Space

Measuring just 14 inches high with a 9 inch diameter base, these small mesh trash cans tuck neatly beside a desk or in a bathroom. Their rounded shape even makes them easy to situate in a corner or next to furniture without jutting out awkwardly.

Simple and Stylish

With their gently rounded shape and neutral black color, these metal wastebaskets blend into any décor easily. Unobtrusive and subtle, they simply do their job keeping trash contained without drawing attention.

Ideal for Home or Office

This 6-pack of DESIGNA wastebaskets is a great option for outfitting an entire home or office. Place one beside every desk, in the bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, etc. The simple style works great in modern homes, apartments, dorm rooms, offices, studios, and more.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

DESIGNA stands behind these metal mesh wastebaskets with a satisfaction guarantee. We want you to be thrilled with the quality, durability, and performance of these small trash cans. If you have any issues whatsoever, just contact us for a replacement.

Order This Stylish and Functional Trash Can Set Today!

Keep your home or office clean and beautiful with this set of 6 DESIGNA Mesh Metal Wastebaskets. Durable steel construction, ventilation, non-slip base, and sleek rounded shape makes these the perfect small trash cans for any space. Order now to get this convenient trash can 6-pack at a great price!


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