Delta Faucet Grab Bar – Independent Support When You Need It



Feel confident and secure with the Delta Faucet 41824-BL contemporary grab bar. This 24 inch grab bar provides sturdy assistance and leverages exactly where and when you need it most. With a weight capacity of up to 500 pounds, this grab bar exceeds ADA requirements for stability and strength.

Contemporary Style Meets Function

The matte black finish and linear style blends into any modern bathroom décor. Discreet but strong, this grab bar will be an asset to your home without overwhelming your design aesthetic. The matte finish resists fingerprints and cleans easily.

Confidently Maintain Your Independence

We all need a little extra stability from time to time. Installing grab bars is a proven way to reduce falls and increase confidence and independence, especially for seniors and those with disabilities. Strategically placed grab bars allow you to move about freely while having support within arm’s reach.

Exceeds ADA Standards

The Delta Faucet grab bar meets and exceeds ADA standards for commercial accessibility. ADA regulations require grab bars to withstand loads of up to 250 pounds. This grab bar is engineered to withstand an impressive 500 pounds – double the required ADA load capacity.

Easy to Install

Mounting this grab bar securely into wall studs is made simple with the included instructions and hardware. The concealed mounting flange neatly covers screw holes for a sleek profile. Tightening screws into studs ensures rock solid stability you can actually depend on when you need it most.

Bathroom Grab Bars Prevent Injury

It’s a fact – proper grab bar placement helps prevent falls and injuries in the bathroom. Strategically installed grab bars help you safely and confidently use the toilet, get in and out of the tub, and maneuver on slippery bathroom floors. Being able to steady yourself when standing up or sitting down ultimately prevents dangerous, painful falls.

Enhance Bathroom Safety Throughout the Home

Everyone deserves to feel steady and secure in their own home. Adding grab bars enhances bathroom safety for family members of all ages and physical abilities. Children can use lowered grab bars to safely reach the sink. Adults will appreciate the confidence boost when stepping in and out of the tub/shower. Seniors and those with disabilities benefit the most from conveniently placed grab bars.

Where to Install Grab Bars

To fully transform your bathroom into a safe haven, install grab bars in these key locations:

Beside the toilet to help safely sit down or stand up
Inside and outside the tub for safe entry or exit
Along walls by the sink for stability while washing hands, brushing teeth, etc
Behind the bathroom door for support getting in and out

ADA Compliant Design

This solidly constructed grab bar meets the Americans with Disabilities Act criteria for public restrooms. The ADA requires support handles to withstand loads of at least 250 pounds. This grab bar far exceeds that requirement with a 500 pound weight capacity. It also meets the ADA maximum 1.5 inch clearance between the wall and bar.

Simple Home Installation

Installation is quick and easy with the complete instructions and hardware kit included. It is essential that any grab bar be securely mounted into wall studs for maximum strength and stability. The concealed mounting flange hides mounting screws for clean visual lines. Tightening screws directly into studs gives you the full strength you need.

Unobtrusive Yet Supportive

The linear form and matte black finish of this grab bar allow it to blend discreetly into modern bath decors. While it won’t stand out visually, its strength and supportive purpose will be clear every time you lean on it. The smooth flat shape is easy to grip securely wet or dry.

Give yourself and your family the daily support and confidence you deserve. Order the Delta Faucet contemporary grab bar today.


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