DeLeon Western Star Rope Trim Wastebasket



Add a touch of Western charm to your bathroom decor with the DeLeon Western Star Rope Trim Wastebasket. This metal wastebasket features a rustic design with rope trim details and decorative metal star appliques that will bring a little bit of the Wild West right into your home.

Rustic Metal Design

The body of this wastebasket is crafted from durable metal with a distressed finish that lends it a timeworn, weathered look. The neutral metal color scheme pairs perfectly with any color palette from earthy desert tones to vibrant colors inspired by the sunset. Designed to withstand daily use, this metal basket brings both form and function.

Intricate Rope Trim

No cowboy would be caught without a trusty lasso, so this wastebasket features a faux rope trim along the top and bottom edge. The intricate twisted rope design encircles the wastebasket, adding texture and visual interest. Whether you hang it on the wall with a integrated hanger or let it stand freely on the floor, that handcrafted rope trim is sure to rope your attention.

Western Star Accents

What’s more western than a bright shining star? This wastebasket features a row of metal star cutouts around the center, complete with rustic edges to match the timeworn distressing on the metal body. These stars add a hint of cowboy flair without going overboard. Scattered like constellations in the night sky, they are an elegant accent.

Generous 12″ x 12.5″ Size

With dimensions of 12 inches long by 12.5 inches wide, this wastebasket provides ample space for bathroom waste while maintaining a compact footprint. The metal body remains lightweight even when full, so you can easily empty it as needed. Despite its moderate size, the eye-catching details ensure it will stand out.

Built to Last

Constructed from thick 22 gauge steel metal, this wastebasket is sturdy enough for years of use. The materials are built to last through daily wear and tear. Whether you mount it to the wall or use it as a freestanding basket, you can trust that it will hold up well. The metal build even makes it easy to simply wipe clean as needed.

Design Versatility

With its neutral metal coloring and classic western inspired details, this wastebasket pairs perfectly with any bathroom aesthetic. The rustic style makes it ideal for southwestern, farmhouse or cowboy-inspired spaces. Hang it on the wall in a more modern setting to let the rope trim and stars shine as an accent.

The Perfect Gift

Know someone who loves incorporating western details into their home decor? This DeLeon Western Star Rope Trim Wastebasket makes a fantastic gift! The classic metal construction and timeless rustic style mean it can be appreciated for years to come. It also arrives ready to use with no assembly required.

Easy to Use and Maintain

This wastebasket is designed for hassle-free use. The metal construction means it simply wipes clean as needed. To empty, simply remove the plastic inner bucket and dispose of the trash bag. Replacing the bag and inner bucket takes just seconds. The compact footprint tucks neatly against the wall or in a corner.

Add a touch of cowboy charm to your bathroom with the DeLeon Western Star Rope Trim Wastebasket. With details like the rustic metal build, intricate rope trim, and decorative star cutouts, this wastebasket brings Southwest style. Hang it proudly on your wall or let it stand freely to wrangle bathroom waste with rustic flair.


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