Deco 79 Intricately Hand Carved Floral Mango Wood Wall Panel Decor – Elegant Arabesque Design Accent for Traditional Homes



Welcome timeless elegance into your home with this beautifully handcrafted floral wall decor panel from Deco 79. Expertly carved from solid mango wood and enhanced with cream white paint, this decorative wall hanging brings to life intricate floral patterns and graceful arabesque designs. At three feet long and just one inch deep, this slender panel packs decorative punch and makes a striking visual statement on any blank wall space. Hang vertically or horizontally – the possibilities are endless with this versatile wall accent.

An Heirloom-Quality Wood Wall Sculpture Handcrafted to Perfection

Deco 79’s mango wood floral wall panel is truly a work of artisan craftsmanship. Each individual piece is hand carved to showcase the natural variations and beauty of genuine wood. Intricate botanical motifs, floral carvings, graceful leaves, and free-flowing arabesque designs require skill and attention to detail. This is clearly a wall hanging made with care and built to last for generations. The quality of workmanship is evident at first glance.

Mango wood’s naturally attractive grain provides the perfect canvas for this sculpted floral artwork. The wood is then given a lightly distressed cream white finish to highlight the depth and dimensions of the carvings. Stylized floral patterns pop in the accentuating white paint. Natural variations in the wood grain and paint colors make each Deco 79 wall panel truly unique. Hang it proudly on display knowing it is an handcrafted original.

Traditional Styling to Accent Any Room

This intricately carved floral wall decor embodies timeless elegance with its traditional Arabesque theme. The styling echoes ornate architectural details found in Moorish, Victorian, French Provincial, and other classically inspired decors. Natural inspirations like leaves, blossoms, vines, and branches intertwine in imaginative interpretations. This timeless classic design complements either formal or casual settings. It brings a touch of old-world charm to living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, hallways, or home offices. For traditionalists, it’s love at first sight.

The slender panel’s shape makes it ideal for smaller accent walls or filling narrow vertical spaces. Hang over a mantel or buffet for instant character. Group multiples together for a chatter-worthy wall display. Let it take center stage solo with breathing room around it. However you choose to show it off, this hand carved wood artwork guarantees to be a conversation starter. It quietly commands attention with its impressive handcraftsmanship.

Deco 79 – Passionate About Bringing Beauty into Homes

Deco 79 has been creating beautiful home accents and furnishings for over three decades. Their designs celebrate cultural traditions, artistic heritage, and nature’s simple elegance. Quality craftsmanship goes into each Deco 79 piece to bring artistic vision to reality. For this floral wall sculpture, that means selecting solid mango wood, hand carving each detail, and expertly applying paints. From conception to completion, Deco 79 ensures their products enhance homes with timeless beauty and style.

Product Details:

  • Materials: Hand carved solid mango wood and MDF
  • Dimensions: 36″H x 1″D x 12″W
  • Finish: Distressed cream white paint
  • Weight: 6.4 pounds
  • Versatile vertical or horizontal display
  • Intricate floral carvings and arabesque designs
  • Traditional styling perfect for classic decors
  • Made by Deco 79 artisans

Bring exquisite handcrafted style into your home with this beautifully detailed mango wood floral wall sculpture. Deco 79 created an instant heirloom with their signature artistry and care. Grace your home with this fine work of wood art today.


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