DEAYOU Portable 360° Swivel Makeup Mirror – Stylish Wooden Stand for Flawless Makeup Application



Achieve picture-perfect makeup with the DEAYOU Swivel Makeup Mirror. This innovative 2-pack mirror features a 360° rotation design that allows you to adjust and lock the angle with ease. Get ready to experience the most customizable makeup application of your life.

With its high-density fiberboard wooden stand and sleek high-definition glass, this mirror provides incredible clarity without distortion. The 8.7” tall mirror gives you a wide, clear view so you can perfect every makeup detail. Its sturdy base keeps the mirror stable as you apply makeup, ensuring flawless results.

The 360° swivel function takes customization to the next level. Smoothly rotate and lock the mirror at your ideal angle, whether sitting or standing. Easily switch between close-up detail work or seeing your whole face. You’ll love how flexible this mirror is for achieving your desired look.

DEAYOU’s stylish design looks great on any desk or vanity. The natural wood grain finish gives a warm, elegant touch. Its versatility also makes it ideal for dorm rooms, RVs, hotels, and more. Wherever you need a makeup mirror, this DEAYOU swivel mirror has you covered.

With its lightweight and detachable design, these mirrors are conveniently portable. Each measures just 8.7” x 3.5”, making them easy to pack in suitcases and move between rooms. Their compact size takes up minimal space but still provides a generous 8.7” x 6.7” viewing area.

This 2-pack is a perfect value. Keep one mirror at home and one at the office. Or gift the second mirror to a makeup-loving friend! With high-quality construction and useful flexibility, these will be go-to mirrors for all your beauty needs.

Key Features:

  • 360° rotation for completely customizable angles
  • Sturdy high-density fiberboard wood stand
  • Distortion-free high definition 8.7” x 6.7” glass
  • Lightweight and detachable for portability
  • Sleek natural wood grain finish
  • 8.7” height provides wide, clear view
  • Smooth swivel and lock mechanism
  • Stable weighted base stays firmly on desk/vanity
  • Easy assembly with included screws
  • Value 2-pack for home, office, travel

Unmatched Makeup Convenience

Unlike fixed-angle mirrors, the DEAYOU Swivel Makeup Mirror allows you to customize your view for the ultimate makeup experience.

Easily adjust the 360° swivel and lock mechanism to your ideal angle. Get an up-close view for precision eyeliner, then open the angle to see your entire face for perfect blending. The smooth rotation and secure lock makes switching angles totally effortless.

The high-quality glass gives you distortion-free clarity, so you can perfect every makeup detail. The generous 8.7-inch height provides a wide, unobstructed view. Check your makeup from every angle to ensure flawless results.

The sturdy weighted base keeps the mirror firmly planted on your desk or vanity. You can apply makeup with total stability. No more chasing a wobbly mirror as you work!

Functional Design Meets Style

With its natural wood grain finish and sleek glass, the DEAYOU Swivel Makeup Mirror instantly elevates your space. This mirror looks gorgeous on any desk, vanity, or dresser. Use it as part of your bedroom, bathroom, or office decor.

Don’t be fooled by its stylish good looks – this mirror is designed for functionality. The high-density fiberboard is durable and lightweight. The compact 8.7” x 3.5” size takes up minimal space but still provides a large viewing area. Easily move it between rooms or take it along in your suitcase.

Assembly is quick and easy with the included screws. The detachable design also makes the mirror easy to store when not in use.

A Must-Have Makeup Tool

The DEAYOU Swivel Makeup Mirror takes your beauty routine to the next level. With unbeatable convenience and style, this innovative mirror is the perfect addition to any vanity.

Achieve perfect views for flawless makeup application. Cut makeup time in half by easily switching between different angles. Look beautiful from every angle with tailored views.

The 360° adjustment, distortion-free clarity, and weighted base provide functionality unmatched by fixed-angle mirrors. Discover what a difference the right makeup mirror can make!

Add a touch of style to your space with the sleek, elegant design. Convenient portability also makes this a go-anywhere mirror.

The 2-pack offers amazing value for home, office, travel, and gifting. Invest in the makeup mirrors that will upgrade your beauty routine. With DEAYOU’s innovative swivel design, you’ll get picture-perfect makeup results every time.


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