DataComm Electronics 50-3332-WH-KIT Flat Panel TV Cable Organizer Kit – Keep Cables Organized and Out of Sight



Tired of staring at a tangled mess of cables hanging down from your sleek, modern flat panel TV? The DataComm Electronics 50-3332-WH-KIT Flat Panel TV Cable Organizer Kit offers an easy and affordable solution to keep cables organized and out of sight. With a low profile design, this cable organizer kit can accommodate even the thinnest wall mounted TVs without adding bulk.

Conceal Clutter with a Streamlined Design

The DataComm cable organizer was designed specifically for today’s super slim flat panel TV mounts and displays. At just 0.5 inches deep, the white cable channel can be installed flush against the wall without needing any clearance space behind. This allows you to mount your TV closer to the wall for a clean, contemporary look. The cable organizer plate features a neutral white color that blends in against most wall colors and TV mounts.

Flexible Installation Options

Depending on your setup, the cable organizer channel plate can be mounted with the opening facing upward or downward. Cables and wires can enter through either the top or bottom to keep them neatly tucked away. Installation is quick and easy with the included mounting hardware. Two low voltage mounting brackets securely attach the cable channel to the wall or TV mount.

Accommodates Multiple Cables

With a 2 inch wide channel, this cable organizer has plenty of space to hide multiple HDMI, power, component, ethernet, and audio cables out of sight. The low profile design allows even thick cables to lay flat within the channel. Cable cutouts on the top and bottom provide access behind your TV while keeping cables from view.

Protect Your Investment with Proper Cable Management

Reduce cable strain and damage by organizing AV cables with this DataComm organizer kit. Neatly running cables prevents crimps and bends that could degrade signal quality to your TV over time. Proper cable management also helps optimize air circulation to prevent overheating of critical home theater equipment.

Cut Out Cable Clutter for Good

Go from a tangled mess to a clean, professional install with the DataComm Electronics cable organizer kit. No more staring at dusty cobwebs of cables snaking down from your mounted TV. This is a fast and easy upgrade that delivers a simpler, cleaner look in any home theater or entertainment setup. Experience your entertainment without distraction.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 24 x 3 x 0.5 inches
  • Channel Opening: 2 inches wide x 0.5 inches high
  • Compatible with low voltage cables: HDMI, ethernet, coaxial, component video, optical audio, speaker wire
  • Construction: Plastic channel with white finish
  • Includes: Cable channel, 2 mounting brackets, screws

What’s Included

The DataComm 50-3332-WH-KIT includes everything you need for a quick and easy install:

  • 1 white plastic cable channel
  • 2 low voltage mounting brackets
  • Mounting screws

With an affordable price and quality construction, the DataComm cable organizer kit is a smart investment to clean up your home entertainment center. Eliminate messy cables from your mounted flat panel TV with this clever solution!

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