Daqutic Box Spring Full – Heavy Duty Metal Mattress Foundation for Unparalleled Support and Durability



If you’re looking for a box spring that provides superior support for your mattress while also boasting incredible durability, look no further than the Daqutic Box Spring Full. This heavy-duty foundation is constructed with a robust steel frame and high-quality components that work together to deliver the ultimate sleep experience night after night.

Sturdy Steel Internal Frame Prevents Noise and Maximizes Durability

At the heart of this box spring’s construction is its sturdy steel internal frame. Built to precision specifications, this frame provides maximum strength and rigidity to prevent any squeaking or noise that can disrupt your sleep. The all-steel design also ensures excellent durability, so you can enjoy years of unmatched support.

9-Inch Profile Elevates Mattresses for Improved Comfort

Featuring a 9-inch profile height, this box spring lifts your mattress higher off the floor for a more luxurious and comfortable sleeping position. The added height makes it easier to get in and out of bed while also allowing for greater airflow to keep you cool.

High-Quality Fabrics Allow For Easy On-Site Cleaning

The Daqutic Box Spring Full is upholstered in premium-quality fabrics designed for easy cleaning. No need to struggle with removing the cover for cleaning because our state-of-the-art fabrics can be spot treated as needed to keep your foundation looking like new. Just tackle messes and stains on-site for convenience.

Noise-Free Performance Lets You Sleep Soundly Through the Night

Thanks to the precison steel construction, this box spring is designed for noise-free performance. No more squeaks or creaks interrupting your sleep! The sturdy structure remains silent even after years of use, allowing for incredibly peaceful and uninterrupted rest.

Easy Assembly in Minutes With All Tools Included

Putting this box spring together is a breeze with our integrated easy assembly design. All parts and tools needed for hassle-free installation are included with your order. Detailed instructions allow you to seamlessly assemble the foundation in just minutes and with minimal effort.

Provides Powerful Support for All Mattress Types

From memory foam to innerspring and hybrid mattresses, this box spring provides the robust support needed for proper spinal alignment and an improved sleep experience. The 9-inch profile and durable steel frame also prevent your mattress from sagging prematurely.

Works in Any Full-Size Bed Frame

With standard full dimensions of 54 inches by 75 inches, this box spring fits perfectly into any traditional full-size bed frame. Its flexible design allows for use with a broad range of frames to provide sturdy support for your mattress set.

Non-Slip Design Keeps Everything Securely in Place

Built-in non-slip feet on the bottom of the box spring keep it firmly in place within your bed frame. This prevents any shifting or sliding around through the night so you can sleep soundly with no disruption or risk of injury.

The Ideal Foundation for a Healthier, More Restful Sleep

Give your body the restorative sleep it deserves with the superior support and comfort of the Daqutic Box Spring Full. Built from premium materials to the highest standards, this box spring provides the strong, silent, and durable foundation needed for improved sleep quality night after night. Order now and enjoy many years of deeper, more revitalizing sleep!


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