Danielle Portable Two-Sided Vanity Makeup Mirror with 12x Magnification, Midnight Matte Black



Get up close and personal with the Danielle Portable Two-Sided Vanity Makeup Mirror. This versatile mirror features a regular 1x magnification on one side so you can see your entire face clearly. Flip it over to the 12x magnifying side so you can get an ultra-close view while applying makeup, tweezing brows or doing detailed work. The midnight matte black finish gives this mirror a sophisticated, stylish look that complements any vanity or bathroom decor.

See Every Detail While Applying Makeup

Applying makeup like eyeliner, lip liner and eyeshadow requires getting up close to avoid smudges and mistakes. With the 12x magnifying side of the Danielle makeup mirror, you’ll be able to zoom in and see every eyelash and whisker in crisp detail. The magnification power makes it easy to achieve precise, flawless makeup application.

The regular 1x magnification side provides you with a standard reflection, just like looking in a regular mirror. Use this side to get the full perspective of your face for shaping and blending makeup. Easily flip between the two magnification options to perfect your look.

Premium Quality Glass for True Image Reflection

The Danielle dual-sided makeup mirror is crafted with premium quality glass that provides stunning image clarity and a true, undistorted reflection. The glass is thick and sturdy, built to last through years of daily use. Many discount makeup mirrors use inferior quality glass that can distort images and degrade over time.

Soft Touch Rubberized Finish for a Secure Grip

The Danielle mirror features a stylish matte black finish with a comfy rubberized texture. The soft touch finish provides a secure, no-slip grip so you can easily reposition and adjust the mirror as needed without worry about dropping it. The rubberized texture also makes the mirror more resistant to scratches and fingerprints.

Chrome accents on the stand provide an elegant contrast against the matte black. The modern color combo looks beautiful on any vanity or bathroom counter.

Swivels 360 Degrees for Maximum Adjustability

Finding the perfect angle for optimal lighting is easy with the Danielle mirror thanks to its rotating base. Just swivel and tilt the mirror a full 360 degrees to eliminate shadows and glare as you apply makeup. Position it up close or farther away to suit your needs.

The weighted round base provides stability to keep the mirror in place once positioned. The tall 9 inch stand brings the mirror up to a comfortable height for use while sitting or standing.

Compact & Portable for Travel

Measuring just 6.75 inches in diameter, this mirror is ideal for travel. Toss it in your suitcase or weekend bag to take on trips. The small footprint hardly takes up any space but still provides a nice sized reflection for makeup application on-the-go.

Use it at home or in your hotel room. The folding design makes this mirror super portable and convenient for travel.

Danielle Creations Quality You Can Trust

Danielle Creations has been creating premium quality cosmetic mirrors and beauty tools for over 30 years. All Danielle Creations products are built to last using fine materials and expert craftsmanship.

This portable two-sided makeup mirror is backed by a satisfaction guarantee because we stand behind the quality of our products. We hope this mirror becomes a staple in your beauty routine for years to come.

Get the perfect view for flawless makeup application with the Danielle Portable Two-Sided Vanity Makeup Mirror. The ingenious dual magnification design provides flexibility to achieve any look. See why customers love this multi-use makeup mirror!


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