Danielle 7X Magnification Vanity Makeup Mirror with 360° Rotation – See Every Detail For Flawless Makeup Application



Apply your makeup like a pro with the Danielle 7X Magnification Vanity Makeup Mirror. With its sleek, rectangular design and dual-sided 1x and 7x magnification, this mirror lets you see every detail for precise, flawless makeup application.

See Makeup Perfection Up Close

The Danielle mirror features a 7x magnification on one side so you can get an ultra-close view of your skin to apply makeup with expert precision. Check for smooth blending, precise eyeliner application, and flawless coverage with the 7x magnifying side. No more guessing if your makeup looks right! The 7x magnification shows every pore, line, and lash so you can achieve makeup perfection.

1x Magnification for Overall View

The other side of the Danielle mirror provides a 1x magnification for an overall standard view. Use the 1x side to check that your makeup looks blended, balanced, and natural. Easily see your completed look before heading out the door.

360° Rotation for Absolute Convenience

The Danielle mirror swivels a full 360° on its circular black base, making it easy to adjust to the perfect angle. Easily turn the mirror to see your makeup from all sides—no more craning your neck or awkward angling. The rotational design lets you position the Danielle mirror for your ideal view, whether sitting at your vanity or standing.

Sturdy Rectangular Design Stands Upright

The rectangular design and wide, flat base of the Danielle mirror mean it sits upright on your vanity or countertop without wobbling. The sleek black base provides stability so you can use the mirror hands-free while you perfect every makeup detail. No need to precariously prop up a hand mirror!

Premium Quality Glass for Distortion-Free View

The Danielle mirror is crafted with premium quality glass coated with a special silver backing for a crystal clear, distortion-free reflection. See your true makeup colors, textures, and finish. The high quality glass also resists moisture and fogging.

Soft Touch Finish Adds Style

With its soft touch rubberized finish in classic matte black, the Danielle mirror adds style to your vanity or bathroom decor. The smooth, velvety texture feels great in your hand. Fingerprints and smudges wipe off easily with a quick clean.

Perfect Size for Any Space

Measuring 6.75 inches wide and 8 inches tall, the Danielle mirror is sized right for any vanity or countertop. The compact rectangular footprint doesn’t take up much space but provides ample viewing area. The proportional dimensions keep the mirror stable and upright.

Unlock Your Professional Makeup Artist Skills

It’s time to unlock your inner makeup artist! Get salon-quality results at home with the Danielle 7X Magnification Vanity Makeup Mirror. See every detail for precise makeup application and achieve flawless blending, expert shading, smooth lip lines, and picture perfect lashes. This game-changing makeup mirror takes your skills to the next level so you can look your absolute best every day.

Danielle Makeup Mirror Features:

  • Dual-sided mirror with 1x and 7x magnification
  • 360° rotation for adjustable viewing angles
  • Premium quality glass provides distortion-free reflection
  • Rectangular shape and wide base keep mirror upright
  • Soft touch rubberized finish in matte black
  • Ideal 6.75” wide x 8” tall size for vanities

Reasons to Love the Danielle Makeup Mirror:

  • See every pore, hair, and lash for precise makeup application
  • Flawless blending, shading, eyeliner, and lip color
  • 1x view checks overall look before leaving home
  • Swivel design provides customizable viewing angles
  • Sturdy base keeps mirror upright on vanity
  • Distortion-free reflection shows true makeup colors
  • Soft touch finish gives a quality feel
  • Perfect size for vanities and tight spaces

A Must-Have for Makeup Perfection

Take your makeup game to the next level with the Danielle 7X Magnification Vanity Makeup Mirror. Finally get the expert view you need to apply your makeup like a pro!

See every angle, pore, lash, line, and flaw for precision makeup artistry. The crystal clear dual-sided magnification empowers you to achieve stunning makeup looks at home.

The Danielle mirror makes the perfect gift for the makeup maven in your life. Surprise your beauty-obsessed mom, sister, daughter, or friend with the makeup mirror that will change their beauty routine.

Add the Danielle mirror to your cart today and unlock flawless, professional makeup looks!


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