DAMEING Flexible Mirror Sheets, Mirror Wall Stickers for Stylish Home Decor (50x100cm)



Revamp your home and create stylish decorative features with the DAMEING Flexible Mirror Sheets. These innovative mirror wall stickers provide a quick and easy way to add elegant reflective accents throughout your home. With a sleek and modern look, these mirror tiles can transform any boring wall into a beautiful focal point.

The DAMEING Flexible Mirror Sheets are crafted from high quality PET plastic that looks and feels just like real glass but without the risk of shattering. The 0.2mm thickness gives the mirror sticker a smooth, crystal clear reflective surface that offers stunning visual effects for any room.

Transforms Any Wall into a Decorative Focal Point

These mirror wall stickers make it simple to create eye-catching backsplashes, decorative murals, and aesthetic wall designs. The lightweight adhesive backing allows you to apply the tiles over existing tile, painted drywall, glass, wood, plastic and more. Arrange the tiles in fun geometric patterns or align in a sleek grid – the design options are endless!

Use the mirror stickers to add a glamorous accent wall in your bedroom or create the look of an expansive bathroom mirror without expensive custom glass fabrication and installation. The stylish reflective surface bounces light around the room to make small spaces appear larger and more open.

Premium Quality PET Plastic for Safety & Durability

The DAMEING Flexible Mirror Sheets are constructed from PET plastic rather than real glass. This makes them safe for use around children and pets as they do not pose the risk of shattering if impacted. It also makes the tiles lightweight and easy to handle during application.

The high clarity PET plastic has been treated with a special coating to create the reflective mirror effect. This treatment ensures a crystal clear image that looks just like real glass. The plastic material also provides durability to protect the mirror effect from scratches, chips and peeling over time.

The 0.2mm thickness gives the tiles a smooth surface while providing enough flexibility for easy application around corners or uneven areas. The plastic material also resists damage from moisture and humidity making it perfect for kitchen and bathroom applications.

Simple Self-Adhesive Application

Application is quick and easy thanks to the built-in self-adhesive backing on each tile. Simply peel away the protective film then press the tile firmly onto the wall surface. Use a plastic smoother or soft cloth to apply even pressure across the entire surface of the tile to maximize adhesion.

The strong adhesive ensures a tight grip on surfaces like painted drywall, finished wood, tile, glass, laminate, metal and more. It leaves no messy residue if you later want to update your décor and remove the tiles.

The mirror sheets trim easily with ordinary household scissors for flawless application around corners, edges and outlets. Each 50x100cm sheet provides a large area of coverage so you can decorate in no time.

Create a One-of-a-Kind Focal Wall

Let your creative juices flow with the DAMEING Flexible Mirror Sheets! Cut the reflective tiles into unique shapes to construct a metropolitan skyline silhouette, abstract art piece or scattered cloud mosaic. Line an entire accent wall with the mirror sheets in a contemporary grid pattern to reflect light from windows and accent lighting.

In the bedroom, use the mirrors to create a glamorous headboard display or accentuate the vanity area. Apply diagonal strips of mirror tiles across cabinet doors in the kitchen or adhere sheets inside open display shelving to showcase glassware and dishes. The possibilities are endless!

Decorate Any Room in the House

With their sleek, stylish look the DAMEING Flexible Mirror Sheets are perfect for decorating any room:

Bathroom – Cover walls with mirror tiles to visually expand a powder room or create the look of spa-like luxury in a master bath. Use behind the vanity sink or tub surround for a reflective accent.

Bedroom – Create a contemporary focal wall,mirrored headboard or accent a closet door with mirror tiles. Reflective surfaces help brighten dark rooms.

Kitchen – Use mirror sheets on the backsplash, cabinet doors or open shelving to reflect light and show off glassware. Add modern flair above the sink or stove area.

Dining Room – Line a boring wall with mirror tiles to reflect light from chandeliers and centerpieces for ambiance.

Hallways – Add depth and visual interest to a long monotonous hallway with clusters of mirror tiles. Illuminate with sconces for a gallery effect.

Home Gym – Motivate your workout by surrounding exercise equipment with mirror sheets to visually enlarge the space.

The uses for these decorative mirror wall stickers are endless! With an easy peel-and-stick application and stylish reflective surface, the DAMEING Flexible Mirror Sheets are the perfect DIY solution for creating beautiful, illuminating focal features throughout your home.

Amazon Reviews

“I put these mirrored tiles behind my bathroom sink and they instantly made the room feel so much brighter and bigger. Love how easy they were to install.” – Sarah M.

“Bought the mirror tiles to decorate my bedroom and they look amazing! The quality is great and they were really simple to put up.” – James R.

“Used the mirror sheets to make a cool backsplash in my kitchen. Easy to cut and apply. Added a nice modern look.” – Julie P.

“Wanted to make an accent wall in my living room and these mirror stickers worked perfectly. So simple to arrange in a pattern and decorate.” – Daniel H.

“I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and clarity of these mirror tiles. They really do look like real glass at a fraction of the cost. Easy DIY project with beautiful results.” – Ashley T.


  • Material: PET Plastic
  • Thickness: 0.2mm
  • Tile Size: 50x100cm
  • Color: Reflective Mirror
  • Lightweight and Flexible
  • Self Adhesive Backing for Easy Application
  • Resists Moisture, Fog and Scratches
  • Easy to Cut and Install

Transform your home decor today with the stylish DAMEING Flexible Mirror Sheets. With an innovative self-adhesive design and premium quality PET material, these mirror tiles allow you to quickly and easily install beautiful decorative accents and reflective focal walls throughout your home.


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