CyclingDeal Peloton Shoe Rack – Convenient Spin Bike Shoe Storage for Cycling Shoes



Stay organized and keep your workout area tidy with the CyclingDeal Shoe Rack, specially designed for the Peloton Bike and Bike+. This convenient shoe holder allows you to store two pairs of cycling shoes on the front leg of your Peloton, keeping them off the floor and out of the way. No more tripping over shoes or having them slide around during your ride!

Specially Designed for The Peloton Bike & Bike+

While many shoe racks don’t account for the unique design of the Peloton Bike, our shoe holder is customized to seamlessly integrate with your Peloton. The curved shape and dimensions allow it to hug the front leg without obstructing pedaling or looking out of place. Forget universal racks that are an imperfect fit – our rack is made just for the Peloton!

Holds Up to 2 Pairs of Cycling Shoes

The CyclingDeal shoe rack features two curved arms, each capable of holding one pair of spinning shoes by their heels. Whether you share your Peloton with family or roommates, this dual shoe storage means you’ll always have a designated spot for your footwear. No more shuffling around multiple pairs or places to store shoes!

Frees Up Space Around The Bike

Having a designated shoe rack helps keep clutter away from your Peloton area. Shoes take up room on the floor, often getting kicked accidentally during rides or acting as a trip hazard. This handy rack neatly stores footwear vertically, freeing up floor space and creating a safer, tidier workout zone.

Easy, Quick Assembly

Installing the CyclingDeal shoe holder takes just minutes, requiring only basic tools. Simply use the included bolts to secure it to the front leg, tighten them into place and you’re done! The rack comes fully assembled so there’s no complicated setup. Users say installation is a breeze.

Premium Design & Materials

Crafted from strong steel with a sleek black powder coated finish, our shoe rack is made to last. The high quality materials look great on any Peloton Bike and coordinate seamlessly with the color scheme. Rubber grips on the bottom of the rack protect your bike from scratches during use.

Keeps Shoes Secure While Riding

Ever had a shoe fall off a rack mid-ride? That’s a problem you won’t encounter with our Peloton shoe holder. The unique curved design safely cradles cycling shoes by the heel, keeping them firmly in place throughout your workout. No more slipping or sliding off!

Preserves Your Peloton’s Resale Value

Your Peloton is a valuable investment. Protect it by avoiding scuffs and scratches from shoes. Keeping footwear stored properly on a rack prevents damage to the bike’s finish over time. When the time comes to resell, your Peloton will look like new!

Adds Style & Function to Your Home Gym

The sleek, contemporary design of this shoe rack adds visual appeal to any home fitness setup.More than just a utilitarian storage solution, the rack makes a style statement with its slim silhouette. Guests will be impressed by the way you’ve coordinated function and fashion!


17.32 inches high x 7.87 inches wide x 11.81 inches deep
Fits Peloton Bike and Peloton Bike+ models
Curved arms hold shoes by the heels

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind the quality of our shoe rack with a 2-year warranty. Our products are rigorously tested for durability and ease of use. If you aren’t completely happy with this item, simply let us know – we’ll make it right.

Order The CyclingDeal Shoe Rack For Your Peloton Today!

Declutter your Peloton area and keep cycling shoes organized with this must-have accessory! Custom designed for the Peloton Bike and Bike+, our shoe rack seamlessly stores two pairs of shoes in a slim, space-saving profile. Easy to install and boasting a sleek contemporary design, this item simplifies storage while adding style to your home gym. Order now to enjoy tidy, stylish shoe storage that preserves your bike’s resale value!


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