Creative Co-Op Black Square Pedestal – Versatile 9.5″ Wood Decor Accent



Add a touch of versatile style to any space with the Creative Co-Op Black Square Pedestal. This artistic pedestal is crafted from 100% solid fir wood, sanded smooth, and finished in a deep black that highlights the natural wood grain. Measuring 9.5 x 4.75 x 4.75 inches, it’s the perfect size to display small accent pieces, hold candles or plants, use as extra tabletop storage, and more!

Whimsical Yet Classic Design

This square wood pedestal combines a whimsical shape with a classic black finish that pairs well with any style of decor. The clean lines and smooth surfaces give it a minimalist look, allowing the natural beauty of the wood to shine through. The black finish helps ground lighter items displayed on top while adding bold contrast against bright backdrops.

Versatile in Any Space

Place this adaptable wood pedestal in the entryway to hold keys, in the bathroom for extra storage space, or in the bedroom to display small trinkets. The compact 9.5 inch size makes it easy to tuck into small corners as a floating console. Position several together down the center of a dining table for an eclectic candlescape. Or flank a sofa or armchair to hold lamps that provide handy illumination while freeing up side table surface area.

Craft a Personalized Vignette

Get creative styling this stand-alone pedestal to showcase any number of treasured items that reflect your personal tastes. Display a trailing ivy plant or succulent garden for an organic element. Accent with ceramic vessels, framed photos, or a decorative box to create a customized still life scene. The solid black backdrop highlights displayed objects while pulling the look together.


  • Made from 100% solid fir wood with black finish
  • Smooth sanded surface highlights natural wood grain
  • Versatile 9.5 inch square pedestal for display, storage, and more
  • Whimsical shape with minimalist, modern design
  • Pairs with any style – traditional, contemporary, industrial, eclectic
  • Looks great solo or grouped together for a collection
  • Add plants, candles, accents to craft personalized vignettes

Design a Cohesive Look Throughout Your Home

The Creative Co-Op Black Square Pedestal integrates effortlessly into any area and decor theme. Continue the black accent color into the living room by pairing with black painted console tables, shelving, side tables, and picture frames. Or make it a focal point in a lightly colored room for bold contrast. Include multiples in a collection styled together on the hearth, bookshelves, or dining table for harmonious repetition.

Intentional, Artistic Home Decor

Creative Co-Op designs artistic,purposeful home accents meant to bring personalized style into your living spaces. With an eclectic collection of ornaments, wall art, mirrors, shelves, and more, it’s easy to punctuate any room with pieces that showcase your unique creative vision. Each item features thoughtful detailing and quality construction sure to last for years to come.

Display Your Style with Creative Decor

Accent your home with purposefully designed pieces that make a statement. This Creative Co-Op Black Square Pedestal adds an artistic furnishing suited for any area. Display treasured items that showcase your style while enjoying the versatile functionality of this sculptural wood pedestal.


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