COYMOS Premium Shredded Memory Foam Filling for Bean Bag Chairs, Pet Beds, Pillows, Cushions, Crafts Projects, Added Gel Particles – 5lbs



Experience the ultimate comfort with COYMOS Premium Shredded Memory Foam! Our high-quality foam filling provides unbeatable support and pressure relief for bean bag chairs, pet beds, pillows, cushions and more. What makes our foam better? Here’s why you’ll love it:

Superior Mattress-Grade Memory Foam

COYMOS uses only the finest shredded memory foam, the same kind used in expensive mattresses and cushions. It conforms perfectly to your body’s natural contours, providing custom comfort and support. The shredded design allows air to circulate freely, so you never feel hot or sweaty like with solid memory foam blocks.

Healthy, Safe and Odor-Free

You can rest easy knowing our memory foam is free of harsh chemicals and irritants. It contains no PVCs, heavy metals or formaldehyde, only plant-based dyes. There’s no bothersome off-gassing odor either. Your family’s health is our top concern.

Generous 5lb Bag Fills Multiple Projects

Why scrimp on comfort? This abundant 5lb bag fills about 2 cubic feet when fluffed and will stuff several large projects. Fill a couple pillows, a bean bag chair or extra-large dog bed. There’s plenty of shredded foam to go around!

Breathable Open-Cell Design

The open-cell structure allows air to flow freely through the foam, preventing heat buildup. COYMOS shredded foam is permeable so moisture dissipates quickly, keeping your bean bag, pet bed or crafts dry and comfortable in any climate.

Durable and Resilient Filling

Our premium foam retains its shape and bounce even with heavy daily use. No hard or flat spots develop over time. The shredded pieces interlock to prevent shifting and settling inside your project. Your cushions stay fluffy and full.

Added Gel Particles Keep You Cool

COYMOS goes the extra mile, adding refreshing gel microbeads to every bag. The gel absorbs and dissipates body heat, helping prevent night sweats in pillows. Your bean bag chair stays cooler on hot days. Pets love the cooling comfort too!

Ideal for All DIY Projects

Bring your creative ideas to life! Our shredded memory foam is perfect for stuffing handmade pillows, floor cushions, pet beds, baby changing pads, neck roll pillows, travel pillows and more. Use it for arts, crafts and cosplay costumes too.

Fluff Up Sagging Furniture

Is your couch or chair lacking support? Just add our shredded foam to cushions and backs to restore comfort and shape. Filling those empty gaps and crevices is easy. Say goodbye to lumps, bumps and squeaks!

Make Playtime More Fun

Fill homemade stuffed animals, dolls, action figures, letters, numbers, balls and more. The softness and squishy feel appeals to kids of all ages. Our foam encourages creativity and imaginative play.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind the quality of our premium shredded memory foam. If you’re not fully satisfied, just let us know and we will make it right. Try it risk-free today with our money-back guarantee.

Experience plush comfort and custom support with COYMOS Premium Shredded Memory Foam Filler. Order now and enjoy restful relaxation in your favorite bean bag chair, pet bed, floor cushions or handmade crafts. Our high-quality foam makes everything better!


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