CouchConsole: The Ultimate Sofa Sidekick for Snacks, Drinks, Tech and More



Tired of balancing snacks and drinks precariously on your couch cushions? Searching for the TV remote that somehow disappears into the abyss of your sofa? Struggling to find a convenient spot for your phone or tablet while lounging on the couch?

We’ve got the perfect solution – the CouchConsole Original! This innovative caddy transforms your sofa into a functional workspace and entertainment hub. With dedicated storage for drinks, snacks, remotes, phones, tablets and more, the CouchConsole keeps your living room essentials neatly organized and easily accessible.

Stable, Spill-Proof Drink Holder with Innovative Gyroscope Technology

The CouchConsole’s genius gyroscope system keeps your drink upright and stable no matter how uneven the couch cushions. The anti-spill cupholder securely grips most standard sized glasses, mugs, bottles and cans. You’ll never have to worry about spilling your coffee, soda, wine or other beverage again thanks to this high-tech self-balancing holder. The system can even be locked in place for extra security on your bumpiest couch.

Modular Design Allows for Customizable Layouts

The CouchConsole features four interchangeable modules that can be arranged according to your needs and preferences:

Self-balancing drink holder
Snack compartment with divided sections
Storage tray with non-slip bottom
Phone/tablet stand
Swap the modules around or remove them completely to create your ideal couchside station. Short on cupholders but need more space to stash remotes, game controllers or books? Replace the drink holder with a storage tray or snack module. Tailor your CouchConsole to perfectly suit your living room setup and maximize its functionality.

Store All Your Living Room Essentials in One Place

No more digging around couch cushions for the TV remote or your phone! The CouchConsole keeps all your living room necessities organized in dedicated compartments:

TV/media remotes
Game controllers
Phones, tablets, e-readers
Snacks, candy, nuts
Magazines, books
Keys, wallets, charging cables
With a storage nook for everything, you’ll waste less time hunting and have more time relaxing and enjoying.

Built-In USB Charging Port

A built-in USB charging port allows you to conveniently charge phones, tablets, e-readers and other devices right from your CouchConsole. Simply connect your charging cable to the USB port and stash your device in the stand or storage tray while it charges. No more getting up and down to plug in across the room!

Sleek, Modern Design

With its sleek black composite construction and minimalist styling, the CouchConsole blends seamlessly into any living room decor. The lightweight yet durable design looks great on couches and chairs of all styles, from mid-century modern to traditional leather.

The CouchConsole adds sophisticated function to your furniture without detracting from your room’s aesthetic. Its understated styling keeps the focus on your home’s decor, not the caddy.

Perfect for Small Spaces

Maximize convenience even in the coziest living rooms and tight spaces! The CouchConsole’s compact footprint takes up minimal surface area while providing outsized storage and organization.

With dedicated compartments for all your living room basics, the CouchConsole eliminates clutter and streamlines your space. No more covers, pillows and cushions piled high with TV remotes, phones, magazines and other items.

Enjoy Comfort and Convenience Anywhere

The lightweight yet stable CouchConsole can go anywhere you want to kick back and relax. Use it in the:

Living room
Family room
Dorm room
Back of the car
Hotel room
Poolside lounge chair
Wherever you need convenient access to drinks, snacks, electronics and other everyday items, the CouchConsole has you covered. No more juggling items on your lap or precarious coffee tables.

The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

Give the gift of organization and convenience with a CouchConsole:

Housewarming present
Birthday gift
Holiday gift
Father’s Day
Mother’s Day
College send-off
Groomsman/bridesmaid present
Anyone who loves snacking and lounging on the couch will appreciate this useful caddy for years to come. It’s sure to be a hit at any occasion!

With dedicated storage for drinks, snacks, electronics and more, the CouchConsole Original organizes your living room essentials in one compact, innovative caddy. Stop struggling to balance food, remotes and devices on your couch and keep everything conveniently at your fingertips with this sofa sidekick. The CouchConsole is the ultimate modern solution for maximizing comfort, minimizing clutter and streamlining your living room.


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