Couch Sidekick – The Ultimate Sofa Arm Tray for Snacking and Relaxing in Comfort



Tired of constantly getting up to grab a drink or snack while watching TV or reading on the couch? Introducing the Couch Sidekick – the clever sofa arm tray that makes snacking and relaxing easier than ever!

This innovative sofa armrest tray clips securely onto your couch arm to create a sturdy surface for drinks, snacks, electronics and more. The adjustable 360° phone/tablet holder allows you to comfortably view your device at any angle. And when not in use, it folds flat for easy storage.


Clips onto Any Couch Arm for Instant Table Space

The Couch Sidekick was designed to work with virtually any sofa or couch arm up to 4 inches thick. Just flip the easy lever to open, clip it on, and you’ve instantly created a convenient side table without taking up precious floor space!

Holds Up To 15lbs – Drinks, Snacks, Electronics and More

This sofa tray is built sturdy, able to hold up to 15 pounds securely. Now you can keep drinks, snacks, remotes, tablets, phones and more within arm’s reach.

360° Rotating Phone/Tablet Holder

The adjustable phone and tablet holder rotates a full 360° so you can enjoy viewing your device at the perfect angle. It holds devices up to 8 inches wide securely.

Anti-Slide Surface and Stabilizing Grips

The Couch Sidekick tray features an anti-slide surface to prevent your items from slipping off. The grips on the bottom also stabilize the tray to prevent tipping or shifting.

Folds Flat For Easy Storage

When it’s time to get up, this couch tray folds flat in seconds. Tuck it away in a drawer or closet for out of sight storage.

Lightweight Yet Durable

Constructed of high-quality, lightweight materials, the Couch Sidekick weighs just 1.1lbs but remains sturdy and durable with a weight capacity of 15lbs.

Relax in Total Comfort and Convenience

The Couch Sidekick sofa arm tray makes snacking, reading, working on your laptop and watching TV infinitely more comfortable and convenient. No more placing drinks and plates precariously on your lap or struggling to balance a tablet on the armrest. Now everything you need is within easy reach!

Keep remotes, books and controllers handy – Never lose the TV remote again or struggle to juggle your book and drink at the same time. The Couch Sidekick keeps essentials at your fingertips.

Enjoy effortless snacking – Bowl of popcorn, chips and dip, trail mix and more – keep snacks close by for easy noshing while you binge watch your favorite shows.

Prevent spills and accidents – Avoid spilled drinks and tumbled snacks by having a secure place to set them. The anti-slide surface keeps items from slipping off.

Use laptops and tablets with ease – Place your tablet or laptop on the tray and rotate to the optimal viewing angle. Type comfortably thanks to the tray’s stability.

Protect your back and neck – Hunching over to use your phone or tablet strains your back and neck. The Couch Sidekick lets you use devices ergonomically.

Free up floor space – Eliminate the need for ugly, bulky side tables by attaching this tray right to your couch arm. It’s a space saver!

Designed for Versatility and Convenience

From late night Netflix binges to leisurely weekend reading sessions, the Couch Sidekick sofa arm tray enhances time spent on the couch. Thoughtfully designed features make it an indispensable living room accessory.

Works on leather or fabric couches – Built with soft, non-slip grips, the tray attaches securely without damaging leather or fabric upholstery.

Fits most couch arms – Measuring 11.5″ x 13″, the tray accommodates most standard couch arm widths up to 4 inches thick.

Hassle-free setup – Just flip the easy-grip lever, clip onto your couch arm, and set your items on the tray – no tools or assembly required.

Lightweight convenience – Weighing just over a pound, you can easily move the Couch Sidekick from room to room. Take it on RV trips or use it in bed.

Flexible functionality – The tray accommodates mugs, cups, bowls, plates, books, laptops, tablets, phones, remotes, controllers and more.

Space-saving size – When folded, the tray measures just 3 inches wide, so you can stash it away almost anywhere.

Elevate Lazy Days and Everyday Lounging

Whether you’re looking to indulge in leisurely lounging or simply want snacking within arm’s reach, the Couch Sidekick sofa arm tray is an easy yet brilliant way to upgrade your couch. Transform idle time into enjoyment and make relaxing at home even more comfortable.


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