Coshar Heavy Duty Bed Frame Brackets – Sturdy U-Shaped Bed Rail Fittings for Secure Headboard Attachment



Experience the strength and security of Coshar’s heavy duty bed frame brackets. These sturdy U-shaped rail fittings firmly attach your headboard or footboard to the bed frame, keeping your bed solidly in place for years of quality sleep.

Heavy-Duty Construction Built to Last

At the core of Coshar’s bed rail brackets is premium stainless steel, chosen for its durability and resistance to rust and deformation over time. The steel is coated in a sleek black finish that further protects against corrosion while blending in discreetly with your bed frame.

Despite their compact 3.62 x 1.9 x 1.2 inch size, each bracket has outstanding load-bearing capabilities. The solid metal build gives them the strength to hold headboards and footboards tightly no matter how often you lean against them. Reviews from customers confirm that these small but mighty U-brackets remain sturdy even after years of regular use.

Secure Headboard Attachment for All Bed Styles

Coshar’s bed rail hardware is designed to accommodate a wide variety of bed frames and headboards. The versatile U-shape fits around wooden slats, metal frames, or other bed supports while keeping a 1.14 inch gap for boards.

Use the included screws to affix the rail fittings to your headboard or footboard first. Then simply slide the brackets onto your bed frame and tighten the screws to lock it securely in place. The snug fit keeps wobbling and squeaking to a minimum for quieter sleep and relaxation.

Customers love how these universal brackets held both wooden and metal headboards tightly on bed frames of all sizes. Many say installation was quick and easy. The fittings held fast even on tall loft beds and bunk beds, preventing any dangerous slipping.

Sleek Low Profile Blends into Any Bedroom

The thin 1.2 inch thickness of Coshar’s bed rail hardware allows them to install flush against the bed frame. This creates a streamlined look that won’t detract from your carefully designed bedroom aesthetic.

The discreet U-shaped brackets tuck under the headboard unobtrusively. Their matte black color blends in with most bed frames and decor styles from modern minimalism to traditional dark wood. Keep your bedroom looking photoshoot ready without the eyesore of bulky, obstructive hardware.

Built to Outlast Years of Active Sleep

Coshar’s heavy duty bed rail brackets are made to handle all your tossing, turning, and late night reading in bed. The sturdy steel construction and firm fit keeps headboards solidly in place even with constant bumping and leaning.

Many customers love how the brackets held up their heavy headboards through years of use without any signs of loosening. The long-lasting durability also makes these fittings perfect for kids’ and teens’ loft beds and bunk beds that see daily wear and tear.

Easy to Install and Uninstall Anytime

Mounting Coshar’s bed rail hardware takes just minutes with the included screws. The brackets slide effortlessly onto the bed frame and allow flexible positioning. Simply tighten the screws to lock your headboard snugly in the optimum spot.

If you ever need to detach your headboard, the uninstall process is just as quick and easy. The fittings leave no marks behind, making them ideal for rental properties and college dorm rooms too. Move your bed to a new home without any trouble thanks to this detachable hardware.


Premium stainless steel construction with black finish
Overall dimensions: 3.62 x 1.9 x 1.2 inches
U-shaped design fits around bed frames
29mm / 1.14 inch hole spacing
Includes mounting screws
4 heavy duty brackets included
Start Enjoying Restful Sleep Again

Don’t waste another night battling a squeaky, unstable headboard. Coshar’s sturdy black bed rail brackets reinforce wobbly beds for restful sleep at last. With heavy-duty steel construction, versatile U-shaped design, and easy installation, these fittings check all the boxes.

Order a set today and take the first step toward the solid, soothing sleep you deserve. Your headboard will stay firmly in its place, leaving you to dream easy through the night.


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